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New PUBG map Deston has some Warzone-style traversal mechanics

PUBG's ninth map, Deston, contains swamps, a sprawling city, and some new traversal mechanics that you might recognise from Call of Duty Warzone

PUBG new map Deston: A city of skyscrapers during a sunset in PUBG's Deston map

PUBG: Battlegrounds’ next map, Deston, is a bit of a beast. The massive map, which features everything from a skyscraper-filled city, to a swamp, to a paintball arena, is dubbed by Krafton as PUBG’s “most varied and challenging battleground yet”. As with most new maps, it comes with some unique features and mechanics too – some of which appear to be inspired by another popular, free-to-play battle royale game.

As well as the new hovercraft vehicle, the Airboat, there are two other traversal mechanics that we’ve seen in various games before PUBG, but that will certainly give it some big Call of Duty Warzone vibes. Ziplines were added to Warzone to help scale the tall structures in the now vaulted map of Verdansk, and it appears Krafton is doing the same with the highrises of Deston. “Ascenders” will allow players to quickly zip up and down the side of buildings to either gain height advantage or return to ground level.

On top of this, players in Deston will be equipped with always-on parachutes by default, allowing you to jump from tall structures and glide to cover some ground. Like in Warzone, these are unlimited use, and are not a lootable item – you will automatically have one in your inventory.

We’re certainly not saying Warzone invented or popularised these mechanics by any means. Plus, battle royales are constantly innovating (or sometimes straight up ripping) competitors’ mechanics (Warzone now has Apex Legends-style redeploy balloons, for example).

But Deston, and especially its main city area of Ripton, will certainly have a bit of a Downtown Verdansk vibe to it with players zipping and ‘chuting their way around the area.

The PUBG Deston release date is all set for July 18, so you haven’t got too long to wait before you get to drop into the battle royale’s ninth battleground.