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Psychonauts 2 photo mode unlock: where to find the gadget and buy filters

Psychonauts 2's photo mode allows you to take some incredible shots.

Raz looks at the camera while wearing his steampunk style goggles on his head

Photo Modes have become an exceptionally sought-after feature in games in recent years, and Psychonauts 2 is no different. Complete with all the features you could want, like camera controls and filters, Psychonauts 2’s photo mode is a great way to capture some of the amazing moments in the game.

But, unlike some games, the method of unlocking Psychonauts 2’s Photo Mode isn’t obvious. It can’t be found in the main menu and there isn’t a button that activates it. Instead, you have to find a gadget in the game’s world which allows you to take photos.

But, where is that gadget? How do you get to it? Is it available from the start? Well, let’s get into the details about Psychonauts 2’s Photo Mode, including how to unlock it, where to find the gadget that activates it, and how to buy special filters for the camera.

Here are the details on Psychonauts 2’s photo mode:

Psychonauts 2 How To Unlock Photo Mode

Photo Mode in Psychonauts 2 can be unlocked once you have gained access to the Quarry, which is unlocked upon finishing the mission in Lady Luctopus’ Casino.

Once Raz meets his family on the landing pads, you will be able to explore the full Quarry area. To get access to the gadget which unlocks Photo Mode, you will need to head to Otto’s Lab, which is labelled as landmark B on the map of the area.

Psychonauts 2 photo mode: A map of The Quarry in Psychonauts 2 is seen.

Head into Otto’s Lab and use the ThinkerPrint Scanner to open the pathway ahead. Once inside, let the cutscene with Otto Mentalis play out and talk to him at his desk again.

To get access to Photo Mode, choose the option “Got any cool devices to lend out?” Otto will then give Raz two devices: the Thought Tuner and the OTTO-SHOT Camera.

The former will allow you to uncover stray thoughts in the world, which can be connected to with your Mental Connection ability. The OTTO-SHOT Camera, however, is what we all want, giving you access to the Psychonauts 2 photo mode.

This camera comes with all the typical features you would expect from a photo mode, including the ability to adjust the frame’s position, zoom in and out, tilt the camera, change Raz’s position and expression, and finally change the filter.

Psychonauts 2 Where To Buy Photo Mode Filters

Photo Mode filters in Psychonauts 2 can be found on any OTTO-MATIC machine in The Motherlobe. They are located in the ‘Items’ section of the shop.

There are five filters you can buy for the OTTO-SHOT camera:

  • Psitonium
  • Achromatizer
  • Classif-eyed
  • Hot Dog Spectralizer
  • Psychodelica

That covers everything we know about Psychonauts 2’s photo mode, including how to unlock it and where to buy filters. Be sure to keep up to date with all our other guides on the game in our Psychonauts 2 walkthrough. Make sure to read our Psychonauts 2 review for our thoughts on Double Fine’s action-platformer.