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The PS5 VRR update is clashing with PSVR games

The launch of the PS5 VRR update is clashing with PSVR games, but fortunately there is a workaround - even if it will cost you money

PS5 VRR update is clashing with PSVR games: The photo shows off the stunning PlayStation 5 console along with the slick and stylish PSVR.

Sony has launched the PlayStation 5 VRR update to PS5 players around the world. This update will improve the performances of multiple PS5 games, Spider-Man and Ratchet & Clank being just two of the known titles. Despite all the good that will come from VRR, reports online suggest that some users are having issues with their PSVR ever since the update was installed.

Reddit user ‘app13533d’ claims that, since the update, they’re getting the following error message: “The connected PlayStation VR processor unit prevents your PS5 from using some HDMI features, including 120-Hz frequency & higher-quality 4K colour formats”.

This unfortunately means if you want to jump into PSVR you will have to do so without the VRR support. The breakout box supplied with PSVR does not have the capability to process 120-Hz and only supports 60Hz.

Thankfully Resetera user ‘Pocky4th3win’ has some sound advice for anyone that wants to jump into PSVR while reaping the benefits of the VRR update – you’ll need to buy a 4K directional switch. Pocky4th3win recommends one from Cabledeconn (which you can see below) that they’ve been using with their PS5 and LG C9 OLED.

This box will set American customers back $29.99, which isn’t a small sum of money to splash for an issue that will hopefully get resolved by Sony. While there isn’t a Cabledeconn version for those of you in the UK, we’ve found an alternative which you can pick up for £34.99 here.

If you don’t want to splash the cash though, you’re stuck with playing the PSVR at 60Hz – at least for now.