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PS5 stock - where to buy a PlayStation 5

Want to know where to buy a PS5? We've got a list of retailers who have PS5 stock, giving you the chance to finally get this powerhouse console

So you want to know who has PS5 stock and where you can get your hands on one? Understandable. It’s a brilliant console that’s been making waves in the gaming pond for, gosh, three years now (time sure flies). Of course, for the vast majority of that time, stocks have been scarce. As soon as PlayStation 5s become available somewhere, the fans flock in and before long, there’s nothing left.

That’s why we’ve made this handy guide on PS5 stock. As much as they can still be kind of tricky to get your hands on, it’s nowhere near as difficult as it once was. The difficulty has been switched down from Hard Mode to Normal Mode.

Of course, part of the problem for those wanting to buy a PS5 is that you don’t want to buy from any disreputable sources. On the one hand, there are the pure scammers who exploit people who don’t know to read the small print and then they’re just buying the box or a picture of the console. On the other hand, there are some dodgy people who are genuinely selling PS5s… but at ridiculous prices, because they’re scalpers, and who wants to put money in their greedy pockets?

This list is exclusively made up of trusted retailers who currently have the PS5 in stock. We’ll update this list on a regular basis so that if any new outlets start offering PS5s, they can be included too (and on the flip side of that, so we can remove any that run out).

We’ll admit that it’s not many, but we’re sure that this will grow and grow over time, and before long you’ll have countless options to choose from. We hope we’ll be in a position to introduce you to your new console.

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