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Lego Horizon could still get its big PS5 reveal at Summer Game Fest

Lego Horizon Adventures was expected to be unveiled at PlayStation's May State of Play showcase, but all the signs are now pointing to Summer Game Fest

Lego Horizon Summer Game Fest reveal: Aloy taking aim next to a Tallneck

PlayStation’s State of Play has been and gone, and while we got to see a somewhat decent spread of upcoming PS4 and PS5 games, one major unveiling was notably absent – Lego Horizon Adventures. Recent reports from trusted leakers revealed Sony and Lego were working on the game, and suggested that a trailer has been ready to go for a hot minute. However, it was nowhere to be seen during the 30-minute showcase. While it may seem doomed, there’s a good chance Sony’s saving some of its cards for Summer Game Fest.

That is, at least, what trustworthy leaker ‘Kurakasis’ reckons. According to the insider, Lego Horizon Adventures “was as prepared for [an] announcement as Astro Bot in many aspects.” Astro Bot’s trailer was so good it even got non-believers in Astro supremacy like me to pay attention, so I can imagine Lego Horizon’s trailer will be of similar quality when the (presumably) PS5 exclusive is eventually announced.

So where is this grand unveiling? Well, Kurakasis finds it difficult to believe that we’ll have to wait until the next State of Play, currently expected to air around September. Though they originally surmised that PlayStation’s event was the most likely place for the trailer to drop, it looks like they’re now betting their chips on Summer Games Fest itself.

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This is somewhat corroborated by information from fellow prolific leaker ‘Midori,’ who says that SGF will bring fresh updates from “more tiles from some SIE studios.” Considering the track records of both insiders, I’m ready to go all in. But where did the initial news of this team-up come from?

On May 11, Kurakasis revealed that “Sony is preparing something in cooperation with Lego [that is] related to its well-known IP.” The exact nature of the project wasn’t known at the time, but an announcement was “expected soon.” Then, on May 16, Kurakasis revealed the name, with Insider Gaming’s Tom Henderson confirming it would indeed be a game with “realistic graphics” – perhaps akin to what we’ve seen with Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga.

The prospect of a Lego Horizon collab shouldn’t come as much of a surprise, considering developer Guerrilla Games has been trying to ship out as much content from some of the best PS5 games out there for some time now. Alongside a Netflix adaptation, a Horizon MMO has all but been confirmed. As the franchise is pushed as hard as possible, it’s only natural that collaborative projects would materialize.

Personally, I’m intrigued to see how it goes as I’ve yet to even finish Zero Dawn – in-game choice paralysis go brrrrr. Should it turn out to be a more digestible banger with Lego’s trademark humor, then I reckon they’re onto a winner.

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