How to improve your PS5 download speed

Feeling the need for speed? This guide will help you get faster PSN downloads

Getting yourself twisted up over your PS4 and PS5 download speeds? You’re not the only one: nothing can kill a games night like waiting for an update to finish, and the most exciting thing about AAA games definitely isn’t waiting for them to install.

Luckily, we’ve got a whole host of little tips and hacks you can use to improve your download speeds and consistency. Some of these are at a console level, some of them at a router level, and some of them are altogether a little more… drastic.

So, if everyone else is asking ‘where we droppin’?’ in Call of Duty: Warzone, and you’re asking ‘When we droppin’?’, why don’t you read on, and learn how you can avoid being the reason your mates are kicking it in the lobby when you should all be playing. No one has told you, but yes,  they’re tired of it too.

Best ways to improve ps4/ps5 download speed

Whether you’re downloading games to a PC, PS5 or even a phone, downloads work in the same way: even the fastest internet connection is finite, and if you try to to use it alongside other devices, your previously speedy internet will feel positively sluggish.

So, if you’re sat on voice chat, playing an online multiplayer game, or streaming a movie while trying to download or update a game, it’s going to slow things down.

Now’s a good time to get a grasp of your internet connection too, so you know what speeds you should be hitting. Go to and see what sort of speeds your connection is capable of.

If your download is still struggling, these tips might help:

Use a wired connection

The quickest and easiest way to improve your PS4 or PS5 download speed is to grab an Ethernet cable and connect your router and your console together. Wired connections are faster, more reliable and simpler to set up than a wireless connection, so if your physical space allows for it, this will be the fastest and easiest change you can make.

If your router is miles away, you might want to think about investing in Powerline Network Adapters which allow you to connect to your router via the electric cables in your house. You’ll have to plug one adapter into a socket near to your adapter and another close to your console. Once that’s all set up, wire your console to the secondary adapter, and you’re good to go.

Product Image 1

The console should recognise the new connection, but we’d recommend testing your internet connection on the PS4/PS5 before resuming your download just to be safe.

Take advantage of Rest Mode

Anecdotally, PS4 users have always claimed that Rest Mode boosted the download speeds for games.

This has never been confirmed, but if you read the hygiene notes earlier it does make sense – in Rest Mode your console is basically napping, and it isn’t being used for as many online enabled tasks, meaning it’s able to use as much bandwidth as possible.

Rest mode has another advantage: by putting your console into rest mode when you stop playing, you’ll be downloading when you’re not even at the PlayStation, which is a win-win.

To make sure this works, go to Settings > System > Power Saving. Under Features Available in Rest Mode make sure that Stay Connected To The Internet is toggled on. Then, downloads should continue as normal.

Use Google’s DNS settings

The DNS (Domain Name System) is a server that has a huge list of ips that connects consumers to various places in the internet. If you think of it like a phone book, there are a series of different options for a DNS, but the smart money is to use those provided by Google.

Google’s DNS servers are lightning fast, and by plugging in their settings, you should be getting faster speeds as you’re using the best possible phone book.

If DNS is TL;DR, all you really need to know is that you should plug these servers in.

To do this, go to Settings > Network > Settings > Set Up Internet Connection, the same as you did for setting up a wired account. Then, select Use a LAN Cable if you’re using a LAN cable, and then DNS.

Change Primary DNS to and Secondary DNS to

Get it right and it’ll look like this:

Option Input
IP Address Settings Automatic
DHCP Host Name Do Not Specify
DNS Settings Manual
Primary DNS
Secondary DNS
Proxy Server Don’t Use
MTU Settings Automatic

Get a better internet connection

Still having trouble? It’s probably time to have a chat with your internet service provider.

Sadly if your PS4/PS5 download speeds are still slow after trying the above, you’re going to want to hook yourself up with a faster connection so you can get the speeds you need.

This is, obviously, a costly solution, but one that’ll save you a lot of time in the long run if you can afford it.

So there you have it, the best ways to improve your PS4 and PS5 download speed. Hopefully one of our suggestions above helped and you can get back to playing games in no time.

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