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Dino Crisis could be coming to the PS Plus Premium lineup

It looks like Dino Crisis could be coming to the PS Plus Premium lineup in the near future, so you might be able to play this PS1 classic on your PS5 and PS4

Dino Crisis PS Plus Premium: Dino Crisis is maybe coming to PS Plus Premium, leaks have happened online on the PSN Store in Hong Kong featuring Regina

Fans of the classic dinosaur hunting franchise Dino Crisis have been waiting for a sign of life from this long-forgotten franchise for quite some time now. But it looks like the PSN Store in Hong Kong may have just leaked that Dino Crisis could be coming to the PS Plus Premium lineup after using an image of Regina, the main protagonist, as the banner for the Classic Catalogue of games.

Although not a new game in the series, fans will hopefully be able to dive into this iconic franchise once more. Dino Crisis has not yet been confirmed by Sony to actually be joining the roster of PS Plus games, but this looks to be a good sign for the game and fans of the series, with Sony bringing multiple PS1 classics to the new PS Plus Premium subscription.

Something to keep in mind is that there will be slight differences between the libraries of PS Plus Premium depending on where you are located. So, just because it looks as though Dino Crisis could be joining the ranks of the PS1 classics in Hong Kong, that might not be the case in Western territories.

If Dino Crisis does come to PS Plus Premium fans could be treated to new features, such as trophies, that could breathe new life into this classic series and bring enjoyment to the fanbase all over again. Although PS Plus is bringing optional trophies to the classics, we hope the developers do implement them into Dino Crisis. But for now, we will have to wait and see if this turns out to be legit or an elaborate hoax from a crafty individual.

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