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Does Party Animals have couch co-op, local split-screen?

Find out if there is Party Animals couch co-op and Party Animals split-screen so you can jump in with a friend and play together in the same room on Xbox.

Party Animals Couch Co-op: Two players can be seen

With a variety of lighthearted game modes and a plethora of cute and cuddly creatures to choose from, Party Animals couch co-op feels like it is destined to be plenty of fun if you can gather a group of friends to play it with. Given the hype surrounding its long-anticipated release being able to play with friends and with Party Animals split-screen enabled would be a great way to have some fun.

The game certainly has the capacity to make its way onto our list of the best multiplayer games as soon as it launches. A physics party game at heart, Party Animals almost guarantees friendly disagreements that might require some heated discussions and subsequent apologies to resolve. From sorting your way through gummy candy factories to disarming missiles on moving planes, there are plenty of reasons to get your crew together and jump in with the various Party Animals characters.

Does Party Animals have couch co-op?

Party Animals does feature couch-co-op via a shared screen experience for up to four players on one screen, with up to eight players total in online custom matches. Therefore, it does not have or need a split-screen co-op mode, This can be seen in other games such as Gang Beasts or Human: Fall Flat, as confirmed via a Developer Q&A.

Party Animals Couch Co-op: multiple characters can be seen

If you’ve ever tried out the physics platformer Human Fall Flat, you might be aware of how much fun you can have with friends when trying to navigate spaces and problem-solve as wobbly humanoid figures. Based on what we’ve seen so far, Party Animals clearly has the potential for some similarly hilarious moments, whether groups are working together or apart. Though, by having three other players sharing the screen with you at all times, it seems like mayhem is really only a few slapstick falls away.

The inclusion of both online and local multiplayer in Party Animals means you’ll be able to have fun with your friends and family at home and take your skills online when you’re apart, honing your hijinks as you take on a whole world of fuzzy, punchy pals.

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That’s everything we know right now about Party Animals’ couch co-op. If you have a hunger for some coordinated chaos ahead of the game’s release, check out our list of the best co-op games for some recommendations. Plus, you can get your friends in easily come launch thanks to the Party Animals Game Pass release.