The current Overwatch 2 win rates for each hero

Take a look at the latest Overwatch 2 win rates for heroes directly from Blizzard's latest communications about the balancing of the game

Overwatch 2 Win Rates: Kiriko can be seen

If you are playing Overwatch 2, trying to get a sense of which heroes are the strongest in both unranked and competitive, you can’t do much better than taking a look at win rates. Looking at the Overwatch 2 win rates will generally tell you which of the heroes across the different roles is doing the best in public matches, even when skill plays a role. And, by looking at them, you may find yourself a new hero that you want to try out. So, in this article, we will touch on the latest Overwatch 2 win rates for the heroes announced by Blizzard, as they continue to update and balance the game.

What are the current Overwatch 2 win rates for heroes

According to Blizzard’s latest blog post on the state of the game, the current Overwatch 2 win rates for every hero is between 45% and 55%. Some of the more detailed stats Blizzard gives, include the fact that  Reinhardt, Sigma, and Zarya all have a 53% win rate, which is the highest amongst the tanks. Genji has a 53% win rate, while Kiriko, the latest new hero in the game has a 48%-52% win rate.

As Blizzard mentions, this win rate percentage for each hero means the game is remakably well balanced and “no hero’s overall power level is far out of line”. Therefore, the studio isn’t planning any major balancing reworks anytime soon, which will be good news to many players’ ears after the first game saw a number of balance changes at launch and around its initial release.

Unfortunately, sites like Overbuff aren’t able to actually track win rates in Overwatch 2 due to not accessing the data from the game. So, we can’t get anymore detailed win rates than what Blizzard has offered above.

But, with these Overwatch 2 win rates, you can get at least some idea as to which of the heroes are dominating the meta right now and whether or not any should move up and down the Overwatch 2 tier list. These rates will change with each new season and Blizzard’s updates. So, we will update this guide with the latest win rates as and when they are announced.