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Best Overwatch 2 Tank characters and heroes

Are you looking for the best Overwatch 2 Tank characters and heroes? Here are the top ones you should be using right now in the game

Overwatch 2 Best Tank Characters: D.Va can be seen in front of her mech

Tanks are vital to any match of Overwatch 2. They are the barrier between your team and the enemies. So, if you feel like the role is for you then you are probably keen to know what some of the best Overwatch 2 Tank characters and heroes are right now.

Whether you are looking to be that barrier, or to provide support and soak up damage in other ways, where you are more of a lone gun there are Tank heroes in Overwatch 2 that can accommodate either playstyle. And, in this guide, we will take you through a selection of the top ones, walking you through why they are so good.

So, if you are curious about the best Overwatch 2 Tank characters, read on below.

best Overwatch 2 Tank characters

The best Overwatch 2 Tank characters are:

  • D.Va
  • Orisa
  • Roadhog
  • Sigma

Overwatch 2 Best Tank Characters: D.Va can be seen standing alongside her mech


D.Va has outshined almost every other tank early on in Overwatch 2 as a powerful damage dealer. With her Defense Matrix shield, she is able to blog projects and shots from enemies, while her mech allows her to fly around and boost across the map.

By her side, D.Va also has some Micro Missiles as well as a powerful Self Destruct ultimate which can absolutely destroy bunched-up teams, even if they are behind cover or hiding in a building. D.Va isn’t quite as strong out of her mech, but her Light Gun is a surefire way to get some enemies finished off.

Overwatch 2 Best Tank Characters: Orisa can be seen throwing her spear


Orisa has had a significant rework in Overwatch 2 and is a lot stronger for it. Their Augmented Fusion Driver weapon isn’t powerful, but with a cooldown-based ammo system, it can land consistent headshots thanks to its accuracy and bonus damage at close range. Supporting her main weapon is the Energy Javelin which can be stuck into enemies, pinning them against a wall as it pushes them back, dealing bonus damage.

To assist your team you can also use Fortify to give yourself and your allies some temporary health, reducing all damage taken and increasing how long you can fire. Javelin Spin acts as a shield, while Terra Surge has Orisa pull in enemies close and anchor them to the ground, gaining the effects of Fortify and dealing a massive surge of damage in the area.

Overwatch 2 Best Tank Characters: Roadhog can be seen firing his chain gun


Roadhog is one of the simpler Tanks in the game but he is all about power and soaking up damage. His scrap gun is a deadly close-range shotgun that can decimate enemy Tanks and any other hero, while the Chain Hook works in tandem with the Scrap Gun to pull enemies in and blast them in the face.

His bonus ability Take A Breather allows him to heal up, making him one of the only non-Support heroes who can heal. While, finally, his Ultimate Whole Hog turns his shotgun into a mighty chain gun that spews bullets everywhere in front of him, dealing massive damage in the process.

Overwatch 2 Best Tank Characters: Sigma can be seen standing


Sigma is one of the most recent heroes added to the game, besides the new ones at Overwatch 2’s launch. He is a formidable foe and while he hasn’t been touched much since the first game he is still pretty powerful. His Hyperspheres act as dual grenades, firing out and then exploding in an area, while Kinetic Grasp is a personal shield, which can be a lifesaver in a tricky moment. Experimental Barrier is your team’s shield launching out in front of you to deflect shots.

Accretion acts as a giant boulder throw, pulling up mass from the ground and launching at your enemies, giving Sigma some better Area-of-effect damage. Finally, Gravitic Flux tops his kit off, allowing you to throw enemies into the air and add a cherry on top to his AoE kit by slamming them back into the ground.

As a team player, protecting your team or yourself is vital as a Tank in Overwatch 2. And, with some of these best Overwatch 2 Tank characters and heroes, you should be able to perform your role pretty well with some practice. And, if you plan to take one of them into Ranked mode, get an overview of what to expect with our guide to Overwatch 2 competitive.