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New Overwatch 2 Bastion bug could see him disabled again soon

If you were wondering why Bastion is in trouble (again), it's because there's a new Overwatch 2 Bastion bug that's only going to make him more annoying in-game

Overwatch 2 Bastion bug Kiriko Kitsune Rush: an image of Bastion in front of Rialto

Look, we know Bastion is an unpopular opponent in Overwatch 2 at the best of times, but it really doesn’t help that he also seems to be the most broken hero in Blizzard’s shooter. It feels like yesterday when we were talking about how Bastion was locked and unplayable in Overwatch 2 thanks to an exploit involving his ultimate ability – Configuration Artillery – but, we’re here to talk about that very same thing. This time, though, it’s more Kiriko’s fault than anything – if you’re looking for some consolation, Bastion mains. However, we still think that this Overwatch 2 Bastion bug is going to get him disabled again.

What Bastion bug are we actually talking about? Well, we’re talking about one that allows Bastion players to retain the offensive boost offered by Kirko’s Kitsune Rush ultimate ability after the effects have ended. Yeah, we can imagine that would make climbing in Overwatch 2 competitive a little easier.

It’s not a simple exploit, though, but one that players can replicate and could even stumble across in-game without meaning to. All you need to do is use Kitsune Rush as Kiriko on a Bastion in his turret configuration, then cancel this and fire your weapon in his standard configuration, before using Bastion’s ultimate ability – all while Kitsune Rush is active.

You need to be quick, but all this takes is a little bit of coordination between a Bastion player and a Kiriko player. As you can see in the footage shared online by Reddit user ‘PennyInTheCity‘ below, it doesn’t actually look too complicated to replicate.

New bastion/kiriko bug allows him to keep the fire rate buff from kitsune rush, even after death. Potentially game breaking in the right hands? from Overwatch

And, if you are trying to replicate this, you might not have too long to do it. Even though, according to Overwatch 2 stat tracking site Overbuff, Bastion has the lowerst average Overwatch 2 win rate – and quite a low pick rate – we’re fully expecting Blizzard to disable Bastion to fix this bug.

But, that doesn’t mean he isn’t one of the best Overwatch 2 DPS characters – in the right composition. You just won’t be able to rely on bugs and exploits to get by. So, maybe the age of Bastion is finally coming to a close. He’s certainly one of the more frustrating damage heroes to play against.