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One Piece Odyssey Memory Link locations

If you're looking for the One Piece Odyssey Memory Link locations, then look no further. Here's where to find them all and what they entail

One Piece Odyssey Memory Link locations: Luffy looking at a Memory Link

During your journey through Alabasta, you’ll come across Hysteria – a distorted space within Memoria – for the first time. Hysteria is accessed from the One Piece Odyssey Memory Link locations, which will let only a pre-selected group of Straw Hats through to clear it. Fixing the Frayed Memories within fosters deepened bonds between characters, which unlocks a powerful attack known as a Bond Art.

Bond Arts not only do a boatload of damage, but can also inflict various conditions on the enemy – check out our One Piece Odyssey Bond Arts guide for the full lowdown. On top of this, each of the One Piece Odyssey characters gains a Bond Move, allowing them to shift zones without having to switch with another character. Needless to say, you’re going to want to go hunting. For more Odyssey guides, be sure to check out our One Piece Odyssey Walkthrough.

One Piece Odyssey Memory Link locations

Here are all 14 One Piece Odyssey Memory Link locations. If you need more specific locations, read our discussion of what each Memory Link entails below. Note that we discuss each link in the order it becomes available, whereas the list is as it appears in the menu log.

  • A Boy’s Desire – Great Sandy Desert, Alabasta
  • An Evil Deed – Part 1 – Nanohana, Alabasta
  • An Evil Deed – Part 2 – Nanohana, Alabasta
  • Distant Promise -Part One -Desert Near Alubarna, Alabasta
  • Distant Promise – Part Two – Desert Near Alubarna, Alabasta
  • Force of Happiness – Part One – Water Seven City Area, Water Seven
  • Force of Happiness – Part Two – Sewer, Water Seven
  • A Friendly Chase – Part One – Water Seven City Area, Water Seven
  • A Friendly Chase – Part Two – Water Seven Lower Coast, Water Seven
  • Price of Betrayal – Part One – Marineford City Area, Marineford
  • Price of Betrayal – Part Two – Marineford City Area, Marineford
  • Toy Chivalry – New Royal Plateau: Bottom, Dressrosa
  • Violin of Memories – Part 1 – Dressrosa City Area, Dressrosa
  • Violin of Memories – Part 2 – Dressrosa City Area, Dressrosa

The initial trip to Hysteria can’t be missed, and will automatically trigger while you’re travelling through the western part of the Great Sandy Ruins, Alabasta, during the main story quest. The first Frayed Memory – ‘A Boy’s Desire’ – steals Usopp away, before Chopper and Zoro join him.

The first part of the second Memory Link – ‘An Evil Deed’ – pops up in the South Alley of Nanohana. We’re not entirely sure if this becomes available prior to finishing Alabasta, but we cleared it on our return to the city in Chapter 3. This time Luffy, Usopp, and Zoro are taken into the Frayed Memory.

Once complete, the second part is over in the western part of Nanohana’s own South Alley. Helping Otogin with Anikin yields the trio’s own Bond Art: Gum-Gum Dragon Fire Pistol Twister Star.

Over in the City Area of Water Seven there are another two, two-part Frayed Memories to fix up. Part One of ‘A Friendly Chase’ can be picked up from the Canal Restaurant, and the second in the Water Seven Lower Coast. This is certainly a more special Hysteria mission than others, as Luffy, Nami, and Sanji run into, and subsequently agree to help Bon Clay escape the Navy.

Of course, this would be easy enough were it not for Tashigi and Smoker getting in the way… Once the memories are repaired, you’ll learn the Gum-Gum Mouton Gattling Tempo Bond Art.

The second duo of Memory Links to access in this area are for ‘Force of Happiness’. The first part of this can be found in the Elevator – Top Floor section, while the second part is down in the Sewer – the Sewer 1F section upstairs from the Yoisa Travel point.

Unlike the others so far, this mission sends in four Straw Hats: Nami, Robin, Sanji, and Zoro. Here, you’ll have to help Emily look for her lost love, Garf. Restoring this memory grants the Thunder Lance Flip Caliber Phoenix Shot Bond Art.

Once you finish Chapter 6, two more two-part Frayed Memories appear. One of them is in Marineford itself, while the other is back in Alabasta.

Starting with Marineford, head to the South Town area of the Main City to find the Frayed Memory. This Hysteria will put you in charge of Chopper, Luffy, and Robin, and requires you to help protect Secret Agent Eliza from the Navy. The second part of this memory is started in the North Town area, and once again Eliza’s in trouble. Saving the day once more will unlock Gum-Gum Cuatro Jet Cross Shock Bazooka.

Hopping islands to Alabasta, Brook, Chopper, and Sanji come to the aid of a Desert Banana Gator with a human friend in need in Part One of ‘Distant Promise’. The entrance to this Frayed Memory is in the Approach to Desert anyway section of the Desert Near Alubarna. The second part, meanwhile, is started slightly further up in the Desert Ravine. Clearing nets you the Cloven Flambage Diamond Party Shot Bond Art.

Finally, it’s time to fix up those memories in Dressrosa. To begin the penultimate Frayed Memory – ‘Toy Chivalry’ – head to New Royal Plateau – 1st Level – City Ruins. This voyage into Hysteria features Chopper, Franky, and Usopp, the latter of which has to flex his Trick Ball making prowess to deal with Sugar of the Donquixote Family. Doing so results in the trio learning the Cloven Radical Skull Roseo Metel Blast Beam Bond Art.

The final venture into Hysteria has Brook, Franky, and Nami join forces to… return a violin to its owner. Part One of ‘Violin of Memories’ can be found in the Dressrosa City Area – Square, At Fountain specifically. Head over to the “Old” Royal Plateau Area of the city to find part two, which yields the Soul Franky Swing Arm Boxing Solid Bond Art.

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