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One Piece Odyssey EXP and how to earn it

Find out all you need to know about One Piece Odyssey EXP and how to earn it to level up characters so you’re prepared for everything the game throws at you

One Piece Odyssey EXP: Luffy looking out to sea

An important aspect of One Piece Odyssey is earning EXP and levelling up characters. This is possible to do effectively even without grinding, though there are some quirks you should know about. As such, you’ll no doubt be wanting to know more about One Piece Odyssey EXP and how to earn EXP to effectively level up and improve your characters.

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One Piece Odyssey EXP and how to earn it

One Piece Odyssey EXP can be earned through several different sources, including defeating enemies possessing bonus EXP, having a Party, and completing Dramatic Scenes. Earning sufficient EXP will cause your characters to level up, improving their capabilities in battle.

Here are all the ways to earn EXP in One Piece Odyssey and boost gains:

  • Completing battles
  • Party EXP bonus
  • Observation Haki Luffy field action ability
  • Dramatic Scenes EXP bonus

Firstly, completing battles will net you a certain amount of EXP. This is one of the main ways you’ll be earning EXP as you’ll complete a lot of battles during your time stranded on the island of Waford.

From here, there are various ways to boost the experience gained during battle. During your adventure, you’ll find places where you can camp. Here, you can have a ‘Party’ which will provide an EXP bonus for a certain amount of upcoming battles.

Likewise, Observation Haki, one of Luffy’s field action abilities, can be used to identify rare enemies that possess bonus EXP when you defeat them.

Lastly, Dramatic Scenes are sub-objectives you can complete in battle to earn bonus EXP, such as using a specific character to defeat an enemy within a certain number of turns. These occur randomly, but be sure to take advantage of them when you do as you can get several times the base EXP of the encounter from fulfilling their conditions.

Use a combination of all the EXP bonus tools at your disposal to best earn One Piece Odyssey EXP and level up your characters.

That’s everything you need to know about One Piece Odyssey EXP and the best ways to earn EXP. Once you’re done with One Piece Odyssey, why not check out the best PS5 RPG games or the best Xbox RPG games to find your next role-playing extravaganza.