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One Piece Odyssey bosses

Get an overview of the One Piece Odyssey bosses that will try to get in your way as you venture through the mysterious island of Waford

One Piece Odyssey bosses: Fire Colossus

Along your journey through the mysterious island of Waford, you and the Straw Hat Pirate crew will encounter numerous bosses that will block your path to restoring your power. Gear up and learn the ins and outs of each character’s abilities, because here’s all the One Piece Odyssey bosses you’ll come up against.

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One Piece Odyssey bosses

Here are the major One Piece Odyssey bosses you will encounter while venturing through Waford and Memoria, in order. Note that some bosses are encountered multiple times, in multiple forms, throughout the story:

  • Del Kong (King Kong Garden, Waford)
  • Fire Colossus (Waford South Forest, Waford)
  • Thunder Colossus (Thunderhead Ruins, Waford)
  • Smoker and Tashigi (Desert Near Alubarna, Alabasta)
  • Bon Clay (Alubarna, Alabasta)
  • Crocodile (Alubarna Royal Mausoleum, Alabasta)
  • Wind Colossus (Dust Ruins, Waford)
  • Scrapper Franky (Sewer, Water Seven)
  • Rob Lucci (Sewer, Water Seven)
  • Kaku (Tower of Law, Water Seven)
  • Rob Lucci, Jaguar Form (Tower of Law, Water Seven)
  • Doeisa (King Kong Garden, Waford)
  • Water Colossus (Ice Block Ruins, Waford)
  • Smoker (Marineford)
  • Kizaru (Marineford)
  • Captain Tomack (Marineford)
  • Kizaru and Aokiji (Marineford)
  • Merchant Walrus (Waford South Beach, Waford)
  • Fire Colossus (Waford South Beach, Waford)
  • Burgess (Dressrosa City Area, Dressrosa)
  • Hakuba (New Royal Plateau: Bottom, Dressrosa)
  • Burgess (New Royal Plateau: Top, Dressrosa)
  • Pica (New Royal Plateau: Top, Dressrosa)
  • Doflamingo’s Clone (New Royal Plateau: Top, Dressrosa)
  • Doflamingo (New Royal Plateau: Top, Dressrosa)
  • Kaku and Lucci (Sky Tower, Waford)
  • Crocodile and Doflamingo (Sky Tower, Waford)
  • Akainu, Aokiji, and Kizaru (Sky Tower, Waford)
  • Adio (Waford South Beach, Waford)
  • Divine Breath (Waford South Beach, Waford)

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