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One Piece Odyssey Berry farming spots - the best areas to farm

If you're in need of a few extra pirate pennies, then check out the best One Piece Odyssey Berry farming spots we currently know of

One Piece Odyssey Berry farming spots: Nami initiating an attack

They say that money makes the world go round, and this is certainly the case in One Piece Odyssey. However, some of the best late game gear in ILCA’s epic RPG comes at a nautically naughty price. As such, you’re going to want to visit some of the One Piece Odyssey Berry farming spots.

For the bulk of Odyssey, you shouldn’t need to farm any extra Berries as long as you are doing your fair share of exploration (our One Piece Odyssey walkthrough can help with that). If you do need a few extra pirate pennies, then check out our separate One Piece Odyssey Berries guide for inspiration on how to make a quick buck.

One Piece Odyssey Berry farming locations

There are two main areas that are ripe One Piece Odyssey Berry farming locations:

  • New Royal Plateau (Bottom and Top), Dressrosa
  • Sky Tower, Waford

New Royal Plateau, Dressrosa

The fastest way to rack up Berries is by fighting your way through the New Royal Plateau areas (Bottom and Top) of Dressrosa, where the mobs typically give around 75,000+ Berries per fight. The enemies here are usually clumped, and most (if not all) share a weakness to Power attacks.

This is perfect for Luffy as he can quickly cleave through them en masse using Conqueror’s Haki or Gum-Gum King Kong Gun depending on what you have unlocked. Slap on a TP Regen or Cost Reduction accessory to up the speed at which you can use AoE abilities, and you’ll be making bank in no time.

Sky Tower, Waford

If you have cleared the Main Episode chapters, and are already decently levelled (think 50+), then you can also try your hand in the Sky Tower. Mobs here are much tougher and slightly trickier to sneak up on, but you can often earn over 250,000 Berries per encounter.

While the promises of greater riches can be tempting, clear speed, as well as how healthily and efficiently you can clear mobs will be the key to deciding which area is best for you.

And that’s all for One Piece Odyssey Berry farming spots for now. Once you’re done with One Piece Odyssey, why not check out the best PS5 RPG games or the best Xbox RPG games to find your next role-playing extravaganza.