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One Piece Odyssey Berries and how to earn money

We all know pirates and money go hand in hand, so here’s everything you need to know about One Piece Odyssey Berries and how to earn money

One Piece Odyssey Berries: Nami using a lightning attack

When you’re a pirate crew stranded on a mysterious island, there’s big money making potential. This is the case in One Piece Odyssey where the Straw Hat Pirates find themselves stuck on the island of Waford. Along the journey, you’ll find the currency of One Piece Odyssey known as Berries. Here’s everything you need to know about One Piece Odyssey Berries and how to earn money.

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One Piece Odyssey Berries and how to earn money

The currency in One Piece Odyssey’s world is known as ‘Berries’. Here’s how to get One Piece Odyssey Berries and how to earn money:

  • Combat
  • Bounty Hunts
  • Side Stories
  • Nami’s Treasure Sensor passive
  • Chests
  • 100,000 Berries DLC

While there are a wide variety of ways to get Berries and earn money, there isn’t necessarily a quick and dirty way to quickly fill up your coffers. Nevertheless, your best bet for accruing Berries consistently is through the One Piece Odyssey best Berries farming spots.

Asides from specific farming routes, picking up and clearing certain Side Stories, as well as Bounty Hunts, will fetch you a pretty pirate penny. While exploring the world, you’ll also come across chests which occasionally contain a lump sum.

Perhaps the biggest tip we can offer here is to listen out for the Straw Hats indicating that there are hidden collectibles nearby. In this instance, keeping your ear trained on Nami’s callouts will often net you 100s of 1,000s of Berries depending on where in the world you are.

Finally, there’s the not-so-pay-to-win route, which involves pre-ordering the game. Those who have pre-ordered from select retailers will snag the Traveling Outfit Set, which among the OG outfits for each Straw Hat, will also include 100,000 Berries to get you started.

Berries can be spent on all kinds of valuable goodies, such as some of the One Piece Odyssey best accessories.

Now that you know all about One Piece Odyssey Berries and how to earn money, you can fulfil a pirate’s dream of filling up chest upon chest of treasure. Once you’re done with One Piece Odyssey, why not check out the best PS5 RPG games or the best Xbox RPG games to find your next role-playing extravaganza.

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