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Survival game ARK gets Assassin’s Creed-like mode on Nintendo Switch

The prehistoric crafting and survival game ARK is getting a new Assassin's Creed-like mode exclusive to the Nintendo Switch when its ultimate edition releases

nintendo switch ark assassins creed two dinosaurs nuzzling

ARK: Survival Evolved has been around in one form or another for many years now, and that means that it’s received a lot in the way of new content. Thankfully, all of that new content will seemingly be included in the Ultimate Survivor Edition of the Nintendo Switch version, but it doesn’t end there – this version of the survival game is also getting a Switch-exclusive mode.

A blog post on the official ARK: Survival Evolved website announces the new mode, which is called ‘Young Explorers Mode,’ and outlines exactly what players can expect. “Take a journey through the epochs in this new educational game mode that invites families and kids to learn about the fascinating prehistoric creatures that inspired the game,” the post reads. “Young Explorers Mode is appropriate for even the smallest of survivors!”

This mode, it sounds like, will be similar to Assassin’s Creed’s Discovery Tour Mode, which allows players to take a tour of historical sites, finding out all the information about them without the fear of combat getting in the way. This is great news for fans who want to learn more about prehistory, or introduce their little ones to their favourite game in a safe environment.

Jeremy Stieglitz, one of the lead designers on ARK: Survival Evolved, has taken to Twitter to confirm that while the Nintendo Switch version of the Ultimate Survivor Edition will be getting the expansions available on other platforms, the Young Explorers Mode will be a Nintendo Switch exclusive.

Players looking forward to the new mode will be able to play it when the ARK: Ultimate Survivor Edition is released for Nintendo Switch in September 2022.

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