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Nightingale release date window, gameplay, more

Get ready for the ultimate gaslamp fantasy game, in which you must survive some dangerous realms, when the Nightingale release date arrives for PC.

Nightingale release date: Character holding a gas lamp in front of a Nightingale background

When is the Nightingale release date? Prepare for a journey through the mystical, yet dangerous Fae Realms when the Nightingale release date finally arrives. The debut game from Inflexion Games, with talent from BioWare, this survival title tasks players with becoming a Realmwalker in a strange set of realms.

While this may be the first game from this development studio, Nightingale took The Game Awards viewers by surprise, with a world premier trailer that brings notes of survival, magic, and fantasy together. And it is looking to take a spot on our best games of all time list. If you’re as excited as we are, you may be wondering when you’ll be able to play the game.

Nightingale release date window

The Nightingale release date is Thursday, February 22, 2024 on PC – at least for early access. The launch date was confirmed during the Gamescom Opening Night Live livestream. There’s currently no console release confirmed.

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Early access was delayed in May 2023 to allow for an upgrade to Unreal Engine 5.2, as well as to further improve the game thanks to playtest feedback.

Nightingale story

In Nightingale, you (and your friends, if you play multiplayer) are Realmwalkers, people able to traverse between the Fae Realms, with the Nightingale gameplay trailer showing players how they’ll use Realm Cards to travel. Your character is from the Victorian Age, specifically 1889, as your venture into treacherous new worlds with dangerous and Eldritch creatures.

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There’s also the added bonus of being able to use Mary Poppins-type umbrellas if you decide you want to float around the Realms that way.

Nightingale gameplay

Nightingale is an open-world survival game, with only PvE elements. Players will find themselves in a variety of realms as they build, craft, and fight to survive in some dangerous new locations.

The game will be single-player or co-op, with Inflexion Games touting Nightingale as an “endless adventure”, so you might want to free up some time if you plan to drop in at launch.

The only way to traverse realms will be via the Realm Cards system. This unique mechanic isn’t readily available, with players needing to craft and create Realm Cards. Once you have them, you can head to a portal and use your collection of cards to influence how the realm is procedurally generated, instead of it being completely random.

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That’s when the Nightingale release date is set for currently. For those of you who also own consoles and want a new survival game to sink their teeth into, you can always check out the best survival games on Xbox or the best survival games on PS5, where you’re sure to find something you’ll want to play. It’s not much longer now.