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NHL 22 PS4 to PS5 upgrade - Dual Entitlement Explained

Here are the details on NHL 22's PS4 to PS5 upgrade and how to nab that free next-gen version.


EA’s NHL series came back once more with NHL 22, which offered a bunch of much-requested upgrades to the series. However, having launched relatively close to the launch of the next-gen consoles, especially with shortages, many were questioning which version of the game they should buy and how the NHL 22 PS4 to PS5 upgrade process for the sports game worked.

NHL 21 was only released on last-generation consoles too, making matters even more confusing for players just wanting to enjoy one of the best sports games. So, here’s how it worked.

NHL 22 PS4 to PS5 upgrade

NHL 22’s PS4 to PS5 upgrade was only available for those who bought the X-Factor Edition of the game. This is still true today, though this version of the game is harder to come by and the dedicated next-gen version is cheap nowadays anyhow.

Nevertheless, if you purchased the standard edition on PS4 or PS5, you were not given the Dual Entitlement bonus, meaning you had to pay for the other version of the game. The constraints with the PS4 to PS5 upgrade process were the same for those on Xbox One and Xbox Series S/X.

This wasn’t the best of news for players who don’t want to fork out for the X-Factor Edition of NHL 22, but it is the only way to get that NHL 22 PS4 to PS5 upgrade without just buying the game all over again. Check out some of the best PS5 games available on the system right now if you’re looking for more.