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Need For Speed Unbound gameplay details leaked by online retailer

Need For Speed Unbound has had gameplay details and screenshots leaked in a store listing, revealing some interesting info about the racing game

Need For Speed Unbound: A screenshot of ASAP Rocky leaning on a black Mercedes in a cartoon style

Ahead of the official reveal of Need For Speed Unbound on October 6, a Japanese retailer has posted an early store listing for the upcoming racing game. The listing reveals the first screenshots of Unbound, along with some gameplay details.

As spotted by Gematsu, Japanese retailer Neowing appears to have jumped the gun and listed Need For Speed Unbound for pre-order, listing the game’s release date as December 2 – this lines up with Insider Gaming’s report on the game from late September.

The listing also features what appears to be the official cover art and four screenshots, showcasing the game’s striking art style. One screenshot also appears to show the stylised figure of rapper A$AP Rocky leaning on a black Mercedes that features the logo of his creative agency AWGE. A$AP Rocky was tipped to be a part of the game’s soundtrack by Insider Gaming, and the Neowing listing appears to confirm this (translated from Japanese by DeepL).

The product description also reveals plenty of details about what you’ll be getting up to in Need For Speed Unbound, based around a location that appears to be called Lakeshore.

“Race against the clock, outrun the cops, and qualify each week for the Lakeshore’s ultimate street racing challenge, The Grand,” the translated description reads. “Fill your garage with precision-tuned custom machines, dress in your own unique style and exclusive attire, and light up the streets with a soundtrack that echoes from every corner of the world.”

It also hints at “Burst Nitrous”, which can help your vehicle achieve “dizzying speed”.

The “meet-ups” reported on by Insider Gaming have also been confirmed by this product listing.

While the shock factor of the official reveal will have been diluted a bit from this leak, it does give us an exciting first glimpse at what might be the most unique and original Need For Speed game ever.