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NBA 2K24 VC, how to earn, prices, more

NBA 2K24 VC, or Virtual Currency is a hot commodity in the popular franchise thanks to how useful it is, and here’s what you need to know about it.

NBA 2K24 VC: Michael Jordan dribbling in NBA 2K23

Having a premium currency is pretty standard in any sports game nowadays, and the NBA 2K24 VC is no different. Found in all recent NBA 2K games, this much-needed currency can help you with everything from upgrading stats to buying new players.

With the NBA 2K24 release date, it’s definitely worth getting ahead and finding out everything you need to know about Virtual Currency. So, either prepare to play in NBA 2K24 MyCareer until your fingers bleed in an attempt to earn it without paying extra, or be ready with your wallet and your credit card.

NBA 2K24 VC prices

The NBA 2K24 VC prices are:

  • $1.99/£1.79 – 5,000 VC 
  • $4.99/£4.49 – 15,000 VC
  • $9.99/£8.99 – 35,000 VC
  • $19.99/£17.99 – 75,000 VC
  • $49.99/£44.99 – 200,000 VC
  • $99.99/£89.99 – 450,000 VC
  • $149.99/£129.99 – 700,000 VC

VC, or Virtual Currency, is the primary currency of the NBA 2K games series. It is used to upgrade attributes for MyPlayer, animations, or most importantly, Card Packs for the NBA 2K24 MyTeam mode.

NBA 2K24 VC: A image of the storefront to buy VC can be seen

If you’ve played any other sports game, you’ll likely be aware of a similar currency. For example, those of you who have played EA’s FIFA series will find VC as almost a mix of FUT Coins or FIFA Points. VC is also the name of the currency in other 2K’s lineup of sports games, such as WWE 2K or PGA Tour.

You can earn VC naturally by playing the game, or if you’re willing to part with your hard-earned cash, you can spend all your real money on virtual money. Depending on how much you want to spend, and how often you play the game, it’s up to you. But with our guide, and our personal belief, we wouldn’t recommend it.

NBA 2K24 VC: VC coins in front of the NBA 2K24 cover art colors

How to earn VC in NBA 2K24

You can earn VC in NBA 2K24 by:

  • Collecting Daily Rewards
  • Playing matches
  • Quests
  • Minigames, like Daily Pick ‘Em
  • Locker Codes
  • Purchasing VC with money

There are a few ways to earn VC without spending your own money, but it can take longer than simply buying a pack.

Should you buy VC in NBA 2K24?

For the vast majority of players, we wouldn’t recommend buying VC in NBA 2K24 with your hard-earned cash. Each annual release in the NBA 2K series comes with its own fresh set of VC to purchase, meaning you can’t transfer VC from NBA 2K23 to 2K24. There’s no reason that 2K will change it for next year, meaning any VC you purchase with this game won’t carry over and will be lost if you don’t spend it.

You’re better off earning the VC from through simply playing the game and putting the money you usually spend on VC into getting a more expensive edition of the game when you make your purchase, to ensure that you can get a decent head start that way instead.

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Of course, it’s up to you – if you’re going to put hundreds of hours into NBA 2K24 and want the absolute best team possible, then it might make sense to buy some VC. But you could purchase a brand new triple-A game and a couple of indie games for the same price of 450,000 VC, a currency that can be earned through those hundreds of hours of gameplay anyway.

That’s everything you need to know about the NBA 2K24 VC. Find out whether NBA 2K24 is on Game Pass at launch, or find out everything you need to know about the NBA 2K24 MyCareer mode in our guide. Remember to spend responsibly.