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MultiVersus Season 2 update lets you make big brain plays, literally

MultiVersus Season 2 adds a new mode called Big Head to Silly Queue, which gives you an enormous head and lets everyone turn opponents into chickens

MultiVersus Season 2: MultiVersus' Rick imposed over a blurred screenshot of a multiversus game

MultiVersus Season 2 has arrived, and while competitive-minded players will be focusing more on the numerous buffs and nerfs to the game’s brawlers, more casual players will be getting really big-headed about a brand new mode.

Towards the end of Season 1, Player First Games introduced Silly Queue to MultiVersus – a light-hearted playlist that would welcome experimental and chaotic limited-time modes to the fighting game. Season 2 sees a brand new Silly Queue experience added called Big Head, which pretty much does what it says on the tin.

In Big Head mode, your fighters will all have massive heads, and thanks to their newly-formed mega brains they’ll have very rapid ability cooldowns. As well as your fighters looking hilarious, it sounds like there will also be a comical amount of abilities flying around too.

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Three new items have also been added to MultiVersus to make Silly Queue even more ridiculous. There’s a bounce pad that can catapult you upwards if you step over it, a proximity mine that will detonate and presumably deal damage if you get close to it, and the Drumstick, a throwable that “will turn hit enemies into Chickens for a short time” (seemingly in the same way that Taz’s Tasty debuff turns fighters into cooked chickens).

Big Head is the second Silly Queue experience, following Growth Spurt, which saw fighters increase in size with every successive hit and a gradually-shrinking blast box towards the end of a game.

As well as the new Silly Queue additions, there are the aforementioned fighter balance changes, a new in-game store, and a brand new battle pass full of content for Season 2. Check out the full patch notes for all the changes.