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Does MultiVersus have game chat and voice chat?

Have you been smacking people around as The Iron Giant and are now trying to if MultiVersus game chat lets you trash talk them or communicate with teammates?

MultiVersus game chat voice character looks at the camera poised to attack

Maybe you’ve seen the new wacky fighting game being played on stream, or maybe you’ve been beating Shaggy around the Batcave with Batman already – either way, you will have noticed that MultiVersus‘ primary mode is 2v2. And, with great teamwork comes the need for great communication, which is accomplished by using MultiVersus game chat and voice chat to coordinate attacks with your teammates.

Sometimes, when you’re just Bugs Bunny, you need backup in the form of The Iron Giant coming to stomp your enemies silly and give them the laser eyes. To do that, you’ll need to know whether MultiVersus game chat is included in the fighting game to begin with, or whether it’s been left hanging like a Scooby Snack when Scooby-Doo has been a very naughty boy indeed. Read on below to find out more about whether in-game chat is included in MultiVersus, as well as everything we know about the feature.

Does MultiVersus have game chat and voice chat?

MultiVersus does not have voice chat or game chat. Unfortunately, that means there is currently no way to talk to the other players in the game either by using a microphone or even through text chat.

This means that while toxicity is limited (Scooby-Doo screaming profanities at you as you kick him around the level? No, thanks), you cannot strategize with your teammates either. MultiVersus is currently still in beta, however, which means the fighting game could receive an update to enable in-game chat at some point.

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