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Someone modded Minecraft Steve into the MultiVersus alpha

Minecraft Steve and other character mods have already appeared in the MultiVersus alpha. This truly is the multiverse of fighting games now

MultiVersus character mods Minecraft Steve: Multiple characters have been modded into the MultiVersus alpha, from Rayman, Sans, Goku and All-Might

MultiVersus isn’t even out yet to the general public, but that hasn’t stopped one fan from incorporating some of their own favourite characters into the game. Clearly, the 15 already announced fighters in the MultiVersus roster weren’t enough for Twitter user ‘junior3DM’ who has added Minecraft Steve and other video game characters into the fighting game’s alpha.

First spotted by TheGamer, junior3DM has modded pre-existing characters to turn them into other legendary video game icons. Minecraft Steve, for example, has been modded onto Finn from Adventure Time, while Shaggy has morphed into Goku, both of which star in rival fighting games – Goku in Dragon Ball Fighterz, and Steve in Smash Bros. However, junior3DM states in one tweet that they have also modded some of Minecraft Steve’s movements, mainly how he walks – this gives Steve a more Minecraft feel and immerses you in the mod.

But junior3DM has not stopped with just characters in rival fighting games – they have also gone on to mod the likes of Rayman, Sans from Undertale, and All-Might from My Hero Academia onto different characters as well. Rayman replaces Jake the Dog, and Sans replaces Steven Universe Currently, it is unknown who All-Might has replaced in the lineup of characters, but regardless it is another brilliantly crafted mod from junior3DM.

Not only has junior3DM created these fantastic mods, but they also restored the Fern character skin for Finn seen in the first playtest footage.

MultiVersus uses Easy Anti-Cheat to combat potential cheaters, so fans are wondering how mods are being allowed into the game. This excitement around MultiVersus is generating a buzz for the release of the game, hopefully, we don’t have to wait too long to start lassoing people around the map as Wonder Woman.

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