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Minecraft skins - the best gaming MC skins

Minecraft embraces your creativity, enabling you to conjure up whatever you can think of. Take a look at the best gaming Minecraft skins to spruce up your world

MC Minecraft videogame skins: Lara Croft, Doom Guy, and Joker merge into the same world in this thumbnail

Minecraft has taken the world by storm, allowing players to get as creative as they possibly can. No one could have seen this minimalistic game going on to be the success story that it is today. Minecraft truly has embraced players and encouraged them all to create and build their own unique worlds. But creating these exciting landscapes isn’t the only thing you can do – you can also switch up your look using the best Minecraft skins for your character to wear.

Over the years, players have tried to rival the best Minecraft skins by recreating iconic videogame character skins, from Mass Effect’s Commander Shepard to Resident Evil’s Leon. So, why not call all your friends over and make them jealous with your incredibly well-stocked wardrobe of iconic videogame skins.

If a catwalk isn’t your thing and you fancy swan diving into the crystal blue oceans as Lara Croft or praising the sun as Solaire of Astara, we’ve got you covered. Here we’ll be taking a look at the best videogame-themed Minecraft skins that you can sink your teeth into.

So load up your Minecraft world, check on your Minecraft villagers, and get ready to explore the best MC skins that you can download and wear right now.

The best Minecraft skins are:

  • Commander Shepard
  • Lara Croft
  • Doom Guy
  • Classic Solid Snake
  • Ezio Auditore
  • Crash Bandicoot
  • Link
  • Solaire of Astora
  • Joker
  • Leon S. Kennedy

Commander Shepard MC Minecraft skins: Commander Shepard stands ready to take down any evil forces in her way

Commander Shepard

Ever found yourself wondering what the Minecraft universe looks like? Well, this incredible Commander Shepard MC Minecraft skin can give you an idea of what’s to come. Get ready to save your Minecraft world from the incoming reaper invasion and build your very own citadel to help keep these evil forces at bay. Also, wouldn’t you want to let everyone know that this is your favourite citadel in Minecraft?

If FemShep isn’t your thing, don’t worry the male Commander Shepard is available too.

Lara Croft Tomb Raider MC Minecraft skins: Lara Croft is ready to swan dive into the blue ocean waters of Minecraft

Lara Croft

With so many caves and dungeons to navigate, it makes sense that you’d do it in true Tomb Raiding fashion as the icon herself, Lara Croft. Playing as Lara Croft will give you that authentic treasure hunting feel, allowing you to embrace your inner Tomb Raider and get that gold- or diamonds in this case. Don’t forget to swan dive off of a mountain top into the gorgeous crystal blue oceans, you wouldn’t be Lara Croft without at least attempting to do this.

There are Lara skins of every description, from classic to Underworld – so take your pick now.

Doom Guy MC Minecraft skins: Doom Guy stands battle damaged, but victorious after his encounter with the Ender Dragon

Doom Guy

Want to feel the thrill of the fight? Have the Endermen been giving you nothing but hell and you want to return the favour? Then look no further than this awesome MC Minecraft skin of the demon hunter himself, Doom Guy.

This skin will make you look like you’re exploring the depths of hell as you jump through Ender Portals and take down the Ender Dragon. This battle damaged outfit adds to that fantasy of you taking down wave after wave of enemies and coming out as the victor.

Solid Snake Metal Gear Solid MC Minecraft skins: Classic Snake crawls through the grass world of Minecraft, searching for a cardboard box

Classic Solid Snake

Metal Gear Solid is a beloved series by many, so who wouldn’t want to run around their Minecraft world as the legendary Solid Snake? This fantastic Minecraft skin is a class act, dressing you up as the original Solid Snake back from the PlayStation 1-era. Scavenge around your Minecraft world in this all black and grey getup, and who knows, maybe you’ll find a cardboard box or two to sneak around in.

Ezio Assassins Creed MC Minecraft skins: Ezio is ready to take the fight to the creepers as he searches for highest building to jump off, hopefully the hay breaks his fall

Ezio Auditore

One of the most loved assassins of them all, Ezio Auditore, dove into our hearts with his debut in Assassins Creed 2. So why not recreate that incredible experience by utilizing this awesome skin of the famed assassin. Just be careful diving headfirst into any haystacks – they probably won’t break your fall in this game.

Crash Bandicoot MC Minecraft skins: Crash has drifted into the lands of Minecraft and he is here to annoy some villager's and collect some fruit

Crash Bandicoot

Life is better with Crash Bandicoot in it. This wumpa fruit-loving hero has been lovingly recreated in Minecraft, allowing you to terrorise the town folk of your Minecraft world in true Crash style, jumping on their heads and pinching their fruit.

Link Legend of Zelda MC Minecraft skins: Link is ready to fight for his princess and slay the evil Ender Dragon, freeing this Minecraft world from its evil grip


This fantastical MC skin showcases Link, the hero of the Legend of Zelda game series. Link comes kitted out in his staple all green outfit and is even accompanied by his legendary shield. So go on, save your Minecraft world from the forces of darkness – all while doing it in style as one of the most iconic videogame heroes ever.

Solaire of Astora MC Minecraft skins: Solaire is here to bring the word of the sun to everyone he meets in this Minecraft world, he's making a start with getting this cow to praise the sun

Solaire of Astora

Praise the sun. That will be the only sentence you mutter as you play as this loveable warrior from the acclaimed Dark Souls series. This Minecraft skin allows you to rewrite Solaire’s story, so he can have that deserved ending we’ve all dreamed of.

Persona Joker MC Minecraft skins: Joker is here to use his persona to rid the Minecraft world of evil, snatching out the corrupts treasure and destroying their evil hearts. That's what a phantom thief does after all


It looks like Mementos may have leaked into your Minecraft server, so you better gear up and be ready for battle. Don’t worry you won’t be doing it alone as Joker is here to help, complete with red gloves and a slick mask.

So go off and explore all the dungeons, grabbing as much loot as you can, after all, it’s what a good Phantom Thief would do.

Leon Kennedy MC Minecraft skins: Leon has escaped the clutches of Ashley from Resident Evil 4 and is making a pit stop in this Minecraft world, help him take down some of the zombies that lurk within

Leon S. Kennedy

Have you ever thought Resident Evil 4 would be better off without Ashley? Of course you have. Well, now that dream can be a reality – via your Minecraft server

Suit up in this Leon S. Kennedy skin, which comes with a very fashionable brown faux coat. You can now explore and takedown creepers, skeletons, and the Endermen – it’s a whole new adventure for Leon, one with fewer people screaming his name every five minutes.

That is all the best Minecraft skins we have for you, keep checking back as this guide will be updated regularly. While we have you, why not check out the best Minecraft house ideas they may inspire your next Minecraft skin choice.