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Minecraft house ideas: the best blueprints for your build

In this guide, we explore the best Minecraft house ideas, from the lavish all the way to the downright spooky. What cool Minecraft house will you build?

Minecraft house ideas: Looking at the best house ideas out there for Minecraft. From a home shaped like a skull, a stunning Japanese temple or an underwater odyssey.

The best Minecraft house ideas can help you survive the harsh realm of survival mode. Having to monitor your health, food levels, and the many dangers that traverse the landscape, can be a real pain for most Minecraft players. But putting in the time and the effort to make your house a home can make all the difference when it comes getting the most out of your game.

While the possibilities are endless when it comes to building your dream home, these Minecraft house ideas should get you off on the right foot. From the most lavish and modern homes to those a little bit more creative – like skulls and temples – there’s something for everyone in this guide.

So, if you’re looking to lay your foundations, look no further. Keep on scrolling to find plenty of Minecraft house ideas that’ll make even those in the best Minecraft servers jealous. Lots of these inventions come from talented individuals online, who all have dedicated tutorials to getting your creations off the ground.

Here are the best Minecraft house ideas you can build right now:

  • Skull mountain base
  • Japanese temple
  • Underwater house
  • Underground base
  • Treehouse
  • Small modern house
  • Boathouse

Skull mountain base

Let’s start this list off with a more spooky entry to the Minecraft house ideas, with this jaw-dropping skull mountain base, designed by YouTuber ‘Ayvocado’. This is peak creativity and you’ll be able to show off your building skills with this one.

Ayvocado also somehow manages to make this spooky design quite cosy on the inside, with a place to eat, sleep and craft, as well as having ample storage space for all your weapons, armour, and whatever else you may have picked up. It’s so cosy in fact, that you might forget what the exterior looks like.

Japanese temple

This stunning Japanese temple has been painstakingly created by YouTuber ‘DiddiHD’. If you’re not an experienced builder, this might be a bit tricky to do – especially since this one is split over several videos – but it’ll be worth it in the end.

This Japanese temple is a thing of pure beauty and captures the essence of these buildings perfectly.

Underwater house

This next Minecraft house idea is a true marvel and it’s all down to the planning. Thankfully YouTuber ‘LubovLC’ has made a fantastic and easy to follow video, which you can watch above. The underwater house does exactly what it says on the tin – it situates you under the depths of the Minecraft waters, giving an amazing view of what lurks within this cold ocean .

The circular shape also gives an observatory vibe to the whole house. We do recommend anyone with thalassophobia to maybe give this Minecraft house idea a miss – after all, you wouldn’t want the place you go to relax to be your worst nightmare.

Underground base

We heard you like underground bases, so here’s one created by YouTuber ‘Spudetti‘. Thankfully Spudetti has made a very friendly tutorial on how to create this fun little base and it’s perfect for beginners and newcomers to Minecraft who want to stand out from the crowd..

This Minecraft house idea has places for you to craft, smelt, enchant, sleep, store your loot, and even jump through a nether portal. It’s the perfect starting point for anyone and has all the essentials you would need to aid you in your exploration.


If you’d rather live above ground, this treetop house idea is for you. YouTuber ‘Typface’ has made a brilliant treehouse tutorial, which is easy to follow for newbies.

This house idea is great as you can follow the tutorial while making simple changes along the way, giving the treehouse its own unique features. The treehouse is perfect for keeping your distance from all the creepers, skeletons, and spiders that want to cause you bodily harm, as well as being useful for scouting out the world you have spawned in, being able to see all the far off locations and plan your route accordingly.

Small modern house

With Minecraft not being the most modern looking of places, why not change that up with this awesome Minecraft house idea? This small modern house is a great way to stand out from the rest of the crowd, with its up-to-date features and stylings that are a breath of fresh air in Minecraft.

YouTuber ‘RainbowGamerPE’ has a wonderful tutorial that you can follow, as long as you pay attention to what they do, you will have no issues recreating this slick and stylish little modern house that even comes with its own pool for you to relax in and soak up some rays.


Sorry thalassiaphobia peeps, we are heading back to the waters for this next Minecraft house idea. Hopefully this one will be a tad more bearable for you, as instead of being under the water, you’ll be living it up on top of it in your very own boathouse. A tutorial from YouTuber ‘Sv Gravity’ details the steps you will need to take to be sailing the seas in your very own boathouse… well it won’t actually be moving anywhere, but you get the point.

You can make this boathouse as far away from land as you want or as close as you want, it’s completely dependent on what vibe you are going for. Is that vibe complete seclusion, peace, and tranquillity, or do you want the ability to pop to a neighbouring village with ease? If you do build close to land you gain the ability to extend out, constructing gardens and farms to help grow food and other necessities. But the choice is yours to make and you can use this Minecraft house idea however you see fit.

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