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Is Minecraft Legends open world?

Despite being a series that revolves around open worlds and freedom, many of you are likely wondering if the latest strategy game is just as open.

Minecraft Legends open world: Minecraft Legends hero attacking Piglin base

Is Minecraft Legends open world? Since the main game of Minecraft is such an open-ended and creative world to explore, it is no surprise that many of you are likely hoping that the action-strategy game using the Minecraft IP is similar, at least to an extent.

Since there’s an emphasis on Minecraft Legends multiplayer co-op and a whole bunch of biomes to explore, it’s no surprise that you’ll want to adventure to save the Overworld from the piglin invasion, like we did during our Minecraft Legends review. So, hop on your favourite choice of Minecraft Legends mounts and keep reading to find out whether the game is open world or not.

Is Minecraft Legends open world?

Minecraft Legends is open world, meaning you can explore the Overworld freely. There are points of interest across the map, as well as resources to collect and piglin bases to destroy while amassing your army.

Whether you’re playing the campaign or the PVP option of Minecraft Legends, you’ll need to manage your resources, attack or defend bases, and make progress with friends. You’ll get plenty of chances to explore when making your way across the Minecraft Legends map, but you’ll need to focus on the main goal.

So, while the game is technically open world, it’s not like a traditional one we’ve come to expect. It’s more like an open arena.

Now you know about whether Minecraft Legends is open world, you can get back to taking on those nasty Piglins. Make sure to check out our Minecraft Legends walkthrough if you need help taking back the Overworld.