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Minecraft Legends best tactics and strategy to defend villages

Protect the realm and its precious loot with these helpful tips and tricks as you make your way through the objectives during a game.

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The best tactics and strategies to defend villages in Minecraft Legends are to build walls, bolster your defences with Masonry, Towers, and Carpenter Huts, and upgrade and spawn complimentary mobs. These will all help buy you time and allow you to fend off Piglins for longer.

This allows your mobs and structures to work in tandem, taking down wave after wave of Piglins without you breaking a sweat. While the constant onslaught of malicious activity in the realm can make persistent defending challenging, this guide will cover in detail the best tips on keeping the villages and their precious chests of loot safe from harm in Minecraft Legends as we played through the game for this guide and our Minecraft Legends review.

How to defend villages in Minecraft Legends

In Minecraft Legends, the time of day affects what’s happening in the world. During the day, the Piglins won’t attack villages but will plot schemes against your havens. They will descend upon their chosen village at night and wreak havoc, so you have to be wary. An on-screen notification will notify you when the Piglinsare plot against a certain village and, of course when they initiate an attack.

When Piglin’s next point of attack is chosen, it will be denoted by a red outline surrounding the location on the realm map. This signifier will offer you time to build walls and structures to help fortify the village or simply wait out the attack. When night falls, the armies will begin their raids, and it will be up to your preparation to make it through.

It is worth noting that Piglin armies will often target multiple spots at night, meaning you may not be able to meet each challenge in person. During this time, Piglins may also choose to expand their bases and attack Homesteads, so keeping up with their plans is essential to stopping the spread and finishing the Minecraft Legends campaign.

While this may seem daunting, there are a plethora of ways you can bolster your villages so that even if you fail to get there in time, they may survive to fight another day.

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Best ways to defend villages in Minecraft Legends

Defending Villages can seem frustrating at times, but you can make it easier with these helpful tactics:

Building walls

  • Low cost-effective barrier
  • Easy to replace when knocked down
  • It buys time to be offensive in raids

Walls are a basic but essential tool that can not only stave off hordes of Piglins but buy you plenty of time when you’re torn between multiple Village raids or base battles. This quick and easy structure only costs wood to build and is the first thing you should focus on when crafting defences.

You can create multiple layers of walls and engineer choke points for the Piglins to sic your mobs on them when they’re clumped together. Experiment with the wall system to manage invading armies and gain a serious tactical advantage when defending your villages.

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Bolster your defences

  • Carpenter Huts add a healing aura to the surrounding area
  • Masonry fortifies your structures with stone

Defensive upgrades like the Carpenter Huts are imperative when your villages are attacked, as they heal nearby structures with their aura. Masonry is another good defensive structure to build, as it will turn nearby blocks into stone, making them better at repelling Piglin attacks.

Building these structures is a great way to help a village maintain its health bar, especially when you can’t be there because of all of the chaos.

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Set up tactical towers

  • Keeps enemies preoccupied
  • Draws enemy fire away from walls

Arrow Towers and Scatter Towers are offensive structures that shoot arrows in a radius around them. Scatter Towers offer slower, high-damage volleys at close range, while Arrow Towers dole out long-range attacks frequently.

These structures are excellent distractions for Piglins in raids and can draw their fire, which is especially useful when you’re on the back foot. While larger enemies will take quite a few shots to fall, this is a great way to pick off basic enemies easily and compliment your wall defences if you can route Piglins towards their projectiles.

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Spawn complementary mobs

  • Zombies, Skeletons, and Plank Golems are built for attack
  • Build ready-to-use spawners in Villages

If you’ve decided to take to the ground and take on a raid using offensive mobs, you want the best units for the job, who will keep them busy while you build defences.

With that in mind, your best port of call would be to spawn Zombies, Skeletons, and Plank Golems Build the spawners so that they’re ready to go in each Village across the realm, so as raids begin, you aren’t waiting to summon your most useful teammates.

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Dig into structure upgrades

  • Kaboomery adds exploding knockbacks to arrow towers
  • Spyglass Overlook extends your tower attack range

Once you’ve got a solid set-up of mobs and structures, you should commit to building some structure upgrades in proximity to your offensive towers. The Kaboomery will add explosive knockback to your projectiles, whereas the Spyglass Overlook will extend your attack range. The Battle Drum is another great option that boosts attack speed. All of the above can greatly benefit your Village in a bind.

When you break it down, the best tactics and ways to Defend Villages in Minecraft Legends are more about bolstering defences than making your villages into battlegrounds. While the Piglin’s constant plotting may send shivers down your spine, building a strong outer shell around each Village will nip even the most devious attacks in the bud.

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