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Is Minecraft Legends canon?

If you’re keeping up with the lore and story behind the beloved series from Mojang, you may be wondering if the action strategy spin-off is canon.

Is Minecraft Legends canon: Villager. bunny, and zombie watching a Piglin attack in Minecraft Legends cinematic

Is Minecraft Legends canon? Many people playing Minecraft and the spin-offs, Dungeons and Legends, are likely playing for simple fun. But many avid fans of the series are looking into the story of the Overworld and the other realms, and may be wondering if Legends is directly linked to the sandbox game.

Since we spent a lot of time adventuring across the Overworld during our Minecraft Legends review playthrough, and with friends thanks to Minecraft Legends multiplayer co-op, we can help you understand whether the latest game is canon to the series, or a different universe entirely.

Is Minecraft Legends canon?

Minecraft Legends hasn’t been confirmed to be canon yet by Microsoft or Mojang, but there are a number of theories suggesting why the game fits into the world of Minecraft.

One of the best theories is that Minecraft Legends is actually a legend passed down between Villagers and generations as a folklore, hence the name ‘Minecraft Legends’. Whether the tale of the game is true or not, or greatly exaggerated as any myth is, is up to the player to decide.

This makes sense, considering the fact that all of the mobs in the original Minecraft (or Minecraft Java / Bedrock) are dangerous and aggressive to the player character. However, in Legends, they actively help the hero of the story.

Also, since Minecraft Dungeons is canon to the series, it could be confirmed that Minecraft Legends directly ties to the main game in the future. Especially if the game gets a tie-in book similar to how Dungeons got one.

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Until we find out more about whether Minecraft Legends is canon or not, you can keep enjoying the game. Check out our guide on the Minecraft Legends map to know what to expect in the Overworld, and find out whether Minecraft Legends crossplay is active if you want to play with friends on other platforms.