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Minecraft Legends is a new survival game coming to Xbox Game Pass

Minecraft Legends, the next block-buster game from Mojang, is a new action-survival game coming to Xbox Game Pass - and PC, Switch, and Consoles, in 2023

Minecraft Legends Strategy Game: An image of a Minecraft Villager holding a book

Alright, blockheads… If you’re still looking for more Minecraft after Minecraft, Minecraft Story Mode and Minecraft Dungeons, you’re in luck. Why? Well, Mojang has just confirmed that there’s a new real-time strategy game set in the Minecraft universe coming – and it actually looks pretty epic? We know, shocker. Minecraft Legends, a new action-strategy game, is coming consoles, PC, and the cloud in 2023.

Minecraft Legends looks to take advantage of Minecraft’s natural strengths, blocks and survival mechanics, and apply them to a… survival game with blocks. We know, it’s basically just Minecraft, but it does look quite fun. This game is going to be played from a third-person perspective, of sorts, and it looks like players will be able to lead and command mobs alongside all the usual Minecraft fun.

There’s no information suggesting that this is going to be an online title, but we wouldn’t be surprised given the fact that Minecraft games have a long history of being online. It’s going to be available Day One on Xbox Game Pass, but it’s also coming to PlayStation and Switch – so don’t worry if you’re thinking you might be missing out.

Want a look at this game for yourself? Well, you can check it out right here:

A Minecraft Dungeons RTS was actually leaked earlier on in June 2022, when Jeff Gertsman said he had seen screenshots of the game. However, it has now been revealed that this is going to be more of an action-survival game than a real-time strategy. It is the second main Minecraft spin-off after Microsoft released Minecraft Dungeons in March 2020.

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