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Metal Hellsinger Game Pass, release date, platforms

Are you looking for an overview of what to expect with Metal Hellsinger on Game Pass? Here is the release date and platforms it will launch on

Metal Hellsinger Game Pass: The character can be seen looking at a demon

Metal Hellsinger is an addictive and blood-pumping FPS from The Outsiders that asks you to kill to the beat as hardcore metal radiates through your speakers or headphones. But, with Metal Hellsinger on Game Pass, you can play without buying the game at full price.

This guide will cover what you need to know about the release of the game on the service. This includes when it comes out and the platforms you can play on.

Below, is all the information about Metal Hellsinger on Game Pass on PC and Xbox Series X|S, so you can be fully prepared before you descend into the depths of hell.

Metal Hellsinger Game Pass

Metal Hellsinger will release on Game Pass on September 15, 2022, and it will be available on PC and console. The game is a current-gen exclusive game, however, so you will not be able to play it natively on Xbox One. But, you can play it through cloud streaming.

The game was a late-minute addition to Xbox Game Pass only announced a few weeks before the game was released. The full game will be on the service so you can play the entire thing and experience why everyone loved the demo earlier in 2022.

For more on the game before you check out the Metal Hellsinger Game Pass release, read up on the focus on original music in the game from the creators themselves.