Marvel’s Avengers final update actually adds War Machine skin and more

Marvel's Avengers patch 2.8 is live now across PlayStation and Xbox consoles, which finally adds the long-rumoured War Machine armour and free MCU skins.

War Machine skin Marvel's Avengers

The bell has been rung for Marvel’s Avengers, as the game’s latest and final update is available to download now. However, while it may feel like we’re at the endgame now for Crystal Dynamics’ divisive looter, there is still plenty to get excited about in the new patch. MCU fans are going to have a field day with it too. Whether you’re a Black Widow superfan or an Iron Man fanatic, Marvel’s Avengers could be worth giving one last spin.

Developer Crystal Dynamics announces via the official Marvel’s Avengers blog that patch 2.8 is making its way to players, bringing about significant changes to the game’s progression system. However, it is the arrival of the Variable Threat Response Battle Suit that has our interest piqued. Marvel fans will note that it resembles the War Machine armour, a character that was long-rumoured to join the game’s roster. Unfortunately, like heroes such as Captain Marvel and She-Hulk, a dedicated War Machine character won’t be arriving in the game.

Yet, Iron Man players can enjoy this rad-looking suit, though there is a caveat to unlocking it. “This outfit will be automatically granted to any player who has earned at least one Trophy/Achievement before April 1,” says the developer. Alongside this cosmetic, the blog post confirms that “nearly all MCU- and non-MCU-inspired Outfits, Emotes, Takedowns, and Nameplates are now automatically available on your Hero Card.”

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The game recently added Black Widow’s 2012 Avengers movie costume into the game too, joining an already stacked list of movie-inspired looks. Elsewhere, the game also sees progression improvements.”All existing credit balances have been converted to in-game resources,” says the blog post.

As detailed below, players will see their upgrade modules, fragments, and units automatically changed over. Polychorons are particularly worth noting, as this material was used to upgrade pieces of gear within the game. The gear itself also gets a notable improvement, as Marvel’s Avengers now enables players to obtain superior gear far easier. The blog post details that:

  • “Superior gear can now be obtained from every completion, not just the weekly rotation.”
  • “Family Reunion and both versions of the Discordant Sound raid now grant up to PL 165 gear.”
  • “Events and Cloning Lab now provide a path to PL 175 gear.”
  • “Resources required to bring a piece of gear from the old PL cap to the new PL cap has been reduced.”
  • “Upgrade module cost is now capped at 150 per upgrade within this range.”

Marvel's Avengers Credits Conversion Chart

Obtaining excellent gear in Marvel’s Avengers has been a chore in the past, but with these final changes, getting into events like the Omega Level Threat missions or Discordant Raid should be a breezier endeavour. Marvel’s Avengers is currently available on Xbox Game Pass and PlayStation Plus Extra if you are curious to give the game a shot.

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