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Marauders tips: how to become the ultimate space pirate

Sick of being blown to smithereens by other space pirates? With these Marauders tips, you'll be cruising around in a Capital Frigate in no time

Marauders tips: Two spaceships and a space pirate

If you’ve ever played a hardcore extraction shooter, then you already know that as a genre of games, they’re pretty damn relentless. While Marauders isn’t as complex as Escape From Tarkov, heading into your first game with a semblance of knowledge about what to do first might just keep you alive in the depths of space.

Whether it’s understanding how to escape a burning ship or only taking in what you need, these Marauders tips should help you get to grips with becoming a terrifying space pirate. After all, the dream really is to conquer the galaxy and have all those pesky raiders on the Damaged Capital Ship quivering in their boots, right?

So, if you’re new to Marauders – or you’re just sick of constantly being turned into whatever space mincemeat is – then we’ve got everything you need to know right here. Cast your eyes on these Marauders tips and become the Blackbeard of space overnight.


If you’re struggling for cash or supplies in Marauders, have no fear – you’ve always got the Rust Bucket. This ship is always available in your hangar and it spawns free gear which you can use for scrap or for your next raid.

Scrap your unwanted items

If you successfully escape a raid with your life, you’ll probably end up with some unwanted gear. If you scrap these items, you’ll get your hands on some handy craft materials.

You can also do this by buying gear from the vendors and scrapping them. If you’re unsure what it might generate, right click on the item and you’ll get a preview.

Remember what docking bay you parked in

Nice ship you’ve got there… it’d be a shame if you lost it.

When you head in to a point of interest on foot, remember which bay you parked your ship in. If you want to leave with your dignity intact and not in an escape pod, you’ll need to remember which dock you entered from.

If you don’t remember, you’ll have to leave in an escape pod and your ship (except if it’s the Rust Bucket) will be lost forever.

Marauders tips: Four space pirates

Exstinguish fires

If your ship is being blown to smithereens by another raider, don’t panic! While leaving and breaching their ship via an escape pod is a worthwhile strategy, you can use fire extinguishers (which are handily placed in the interior of your ship) to extinguish the fires and get up and running again.

Use your skill points to learn new recipes

Every time you level up in game, you’ll be given new skill points to spend. These are best used on recipes, which are essentially blueprints for all the items in games. From weapons to ammo, armour, and ships, there’s a recipe for pretty much everything, so you’ll want to invest some points sooner rather than later.

Once you have a recipe and you have all the needed materials, you can craft that item there and then.

Invest in lock picks

As with any game, the best loot is hidden behind locked doors. In Marauders, you’ll need a lock pick in order to open these doors – but you won’t be able to find them in raid. Instead, you’ll need to craft these before heading into space.

While it might seem like a faff, it’s really not – and the end result is worth it, trust us.

Take on contracts

If you’re struggling a little bit with gear, give yourself a boost by taking on contracts. You can have three on the go at any one time and if you complete them, you’ll be reewarded with XP, faction points, and items.

It’s worth noting that the more you do these, the better your contracts – and their rewards – will be.

Use your ship storage

If you’re on a roll and you want to keep the party going, make use of your ship’s storage. Every ship, apart from the Rust Bucket, has a storage room that you can access using the box at the ship’s airlock. You can empty your backpack here and then head back in on foot.

Prestige is the end game

You might not think there’s much of an end game in Marauders, but there is. When you hit level 40, you’ll be offered the chance to prestige – this will wipe your cach, inventory, recipes, XP, and skill points but you’ll be given prestige points in return. These points can be used to unlock permanent special upgrades that will make your time in space just that little bit easier.

There you have it, all our Marauders tips in one place. We’ll be keeping this guide up to date as the Marauders release date creeps ever closer. For now though, we’ll see you in space.