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Steam FPS Marauders finally getting this Escape From Tarkov feature

Small Impact Games' Steam space shooter Marauders is finally getting full proximity chat features in the upcoming United Allies update, coming to the FPS soon.

Marauders Proximity Chat united allies update: an image of soliders with speech bubbles from the Steam space FPS

If you’re an extraction shooter fan looking for a new game, you might want to re-consider playing Steam space shooter Marauders next. Why? Wel, Team17 has just announced the United Allies update for Marauders – and it’s introducing one feature Escape From Tarkov fans will be familiar with. That’s right, it’s finally getting full proximity chat – just like Battlestate Games’ Escape From Tarkov. Let the chaos commence.

In an announcement exclusively shared by NME, developer Small Impact Games has revealed that “a number of community-requested features” will arrive in Maraduers with the United Allies update – which is due to drop on April 25. These include the ability to scavenge salvage in-flight with Wreckage, and the ability to make use of hand grenades.

However, the stand-out announcement here is that Marauders is getting a proximity chat that will “allow players to communicate with fellow raiders”. Players have been able to talk with their crew using voice chat prior to this update, but – although we can’t confirm this – now it certainly sounds like this feature will be more widespread and similar to what you see in other extraction shooters like Escape From Tarkov and Warzone 2’s DMZ.

Interestingly, these new mechanics aren’t the only things players can look forward to in the United Allies update. If you’re someone who likes a challenge, a “colossal new cruiser” is being introduced – a United Allies-owned vessel that players can raid. There’s also going to be a whole host of new cosmetics and equipment for players to loot – some of which we would like to think is themed around United Allies (given the name of the update).

Small Impact Games is also introducing 14 new ships for players to get their hands on. You’ll be able to access these “by purchasing them through an in-game vendor or comandeering the ships in battle”. We certainly know which one of those sounds more exciting.

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Oh, and there’s also a China Lake grenade launcher on the way; with the Steam space game Marauders being dominated by solo players, this could be a good way for people to deal with groups of enemies if they get caught short.

We know this might not be considered one of the best competitive FPS games out there, but Marauders is a fantastic title and – thanks to the introduction of proximity chat – it’s only going to get better. If you’re interested, you can check out some Marauders tips right here – and read up on how Marauders’ prison map was influenced by both board games and Half Life 2.