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Steam space game Marauders is being dominated by solo players

In extraction shooters, your odds of surviving are always higher if you play as a group, but Marauders appears to be bucking that trend in early access

Space game Marauders early access stats: a space p[irate with a red helmet in a red-lit room

If you’ve played any extraction shooter online, then you’ll know your odds of surviving are a little bit better if you play in a group. However, Marauders, a new space game, which hit early access on Steam last week, appears to be bucking that trend.

According to stats sent to The Loadout by Team17 and Small Impact Games, 59% of players are heading into raids alone – at least, so far. This means they’ll have to defend themselves against other players, including AI-controlled ones, all while trying to loot, kill, and survive.

On the whole though, things are going well. More than 13 million raids have been completed in 12 days so far, meaning more than 45,000 raids have been completed every hour since the early access launch. Not bad when you consider that only two million raids were played during the six day closed beta in July.

And in those raids, players are averaging four kills and managing to cram 16 objects into their leather jerkins and backpacks before jumping ship. Among the favourites (and high-ticket items) are bandages, of which 3.8 million have been looted, and 1.7 million key cards.

Whether these pirates actually manage to escape is another question, but its clear that with only a week in early access, players are really starting to embrace the world of Marauders – and with promises of new content drops and quality of life updates to come, especially as we approach that Marauders release date, that’s only a good thing.