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Madden 23 game modes - all the modes in this year’s game

Are you curious about all the Madden 23 game modes? Well here is an overview of each one available when you bott up the game on console and PC

Madden 23 Game Modes: Players cna be seen catching the ball

Madden 23 is finally here and it’s evolving the series in a number of ways but of course, if you are just jumping in you will want to know all the Madden 23 game modes.

From returning favourites like Franchise and MUT, and some new tweaks and better tutorials, EA have altered the game modes in a few ways with this year’s game. One of the more updated modes is Franchise, which has seen a full visual overhaul to the offseason Free Agency Hub, while gameplay changes to MUT 23 aim to shake up the traditional mode a bit more with this celebratory edition of the game.

So, if you are jumping in alone, or with your friends online together and want to know all about the Madden 23 game modes, read through the rest of this article below for a list of the different options you have.

Madden 23 Game Modes

Here are all the Madden 23 Game Modes and options available from the main menu:

  • Play Now
  • Madden Ultimate Team
  • Franchise Mode
  • Face of the Franchise: The League
  • Learn To Play
  • Play With Friends

Of course, Play Now and Play With Friends are the basic ways you can get into matches and onto the pitch, while Learn To Play will help you go over the basics either in a team practice, or using the Skills Trainer. Ultimate Team, Franchise and Face of the Franchise are all back in a much similar way to their past iterations, with a few new additions to each mode.

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