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Is Lego Brawls crossplay? Cross-platform support explained

Are you excited to play with your friends in Lego Brawls crossplay? We explain everything you need to know about cross-platform support for the fighting game

lego brawls crossplay lego characters fighting like in super smash bros

Lego Brawls is what happens when you take Super Smash Bros, add every Lego figure and world under the sun instead of Nintendo characters, and let them duke it out in player-controlled madness. Of course, multiplayer will play a big part in the game, because who doesn’t want to smash their friends into a million little Lego bricks? Lego Brawls crossplay would help in this endeavour, no doubt.

With the ability to create your own custom Lego minifigure hero, Lego Brawls also allows you to battle on some of the most iconic Lego levels, like Barracuda Bay and Ninjago Seabound. There are unlockables and collectibles to pick up and horde, power-ups to give you special abilities, and emotes to rub salt in the wound of your victims.

You’ll want to do all of this with your friends no matter what platform they play on, so we’ve put everything we know about Lego Brawls crossplay support below.

Is Lego Brawls crossplay?

Lego Brawls has crossplay support across Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, and PC. We know this because the game’s cross-platform features are detailed on the Lego Brawls Steam page.

This is great news for players who have friends who all play on different consoles and means that you can totally destroy that one guy who still has a launch-day Xbox One. Shame on him.

If our Lego Brawls crossplay guide has you excited to play the new colourful fighting game, you can also read our Lego Brawls release date guide to find out when you can get in on the action and find out everything we know about the game.