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Riot is “looking into” putting Wild Rift skins in League of Legends

LoL Wild Rift has enjoyed some excellent exclusive skins recently, and Riot Games says it's exploring whether it can bring them over to League of Legends

League of Legends LoL Wild Rift skins: A Wild Rift Graves skin

While League of Legends fans are hardly starved for great in-game skins, it is fair to say that console and mobile spin-off, League of Legends Wild Rift, has received some exclusive bangers too. As a result, many LoL fans have wanted a slice of that cake, and have been wondering whether Wild Rift skins could co-release or make their way into LoL.

Well, we come bearing some good(ish) news – it’s not completely out of the question. During a media event for the launch of League of Legends Season 13, Riot says that it is still “looking into” bringing some Wild Rift cosmetics to LoL after hearing loud and clear players’ requests.

“[It’s] something we’ve talked a lot about over the course of last year, particularly in terms of player feedback from the Star Guardian skins,” says Jeremy Lee, executive producer for LoL. “So it’s still something that we’re looking at, in terms of how it would work. And, you know, they’re different games. So we can’t really just swap stuff back and forth very easily. But it is something that we’ve heard the player and the community feedback about, and something that we’re still looking into.”

Back in December Riot revealed a slew of new, Wild Rift-exclusive skins for Zeri (PROJECT:), Graves (Super Villain), and Nami (Glorious Crimson). Naturally, League-playing fans of the champions were less than happy to see their mains get new cosmetics on the wrong platform. Additionally, the then-announced Mythmaker line gave exclusives to both games – the r/SeraphineMains subreddit has yet to recover…

While the technical side of porting skins made for Wild Rift – which uses more modern tools than desktop League – to its bigger brother is certainly a barrier in some cases, the upcoming release of Ahri’s ASU should provide hope for many as Riot looks to bring its PC experience up to par.

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Additional reporting by Aaron Down.