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Riot Forge League of Legends Story game featuring Sylas leaked

Riot Forge could be, well, forging a brand new League of Legends Story, this time with a focus on Sylas, the Mageseekers, and Demacia

The Mageseeker League of Legends Story leak: Sylas

League of Legends developer Riot Games’ publishing arm, Riot Forge, could soon announce a brand new addition to its lineup of games set in Runeterra. The Mageseeker: A League of Legends Story will reportedly follow Sylas on his quest to save Demacia.

According to ‘osevno’ on Twitter, South Korea’s Game Ratings Committee has apparently leaked the new title, which is supposedly coming to both PC and consoles.

So who are the Mageseekers? Well, in Runeterran lore, this Demacian-based order serves to crack down on magic within the region, with the goal of containing it. In fact, the only way mages within Demacia can be accepted is if they themselves become a Mageseeker – something Sylas himself did… for a time.

Sporting the ability to sniff out latent magic in people, Sylas effectively became the Mageseekers’ dog. At some point, however, Sylas rebelled, and was imprisoned for a time for wanting to help his fellow mages. Now free, it looks like this new League of Legends Story will see Sylas – the symbol of revolution – take on the upper-echelons of Demacia itself.

Needless to say, this has yet to be confirmed by Riot Forge itself. However, if the screenshot is legitimate, then we could have quite the adventure on our hands.