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League of Legends Jax midscope update makes ultimate “more exciting”

A League of Legends Jax midscope update is set to arrive in time for Season 13, with the Grandmaster at Arms getting some much needed love

League of Legends Jax midscope update patch 13.1: Jax

It’s one of League of Legends’ oldest questions: “what would happen if Jax had a real weapon?” Sadly, the upcoming Jax midscope update won’t quite answer it, but developer Riot Games hopes it will, at least, make the champion slightly more dynamic to play.

Taking to Twitter to share the news, lead champion designer August ‘August’ Browning says that while the update – slated for a patch 13.1 release – is “on the smaller side”, his ultimate ability, Grandmaster’s Might, will be “more exciting/interesting to cast”.

Under the current changes, which are set to hit the PBE on December 2, Jax now swings his lantern around him when he ults, dealing damage to nearby enemies. Hitting champions also grants Armor and Magic Resist, the amount of which increases based on how many champions he clubs.

There are also tweaks elsewhere in Jax’s kit. The AP ratio on Leap Strike has been moved to his Counter Strike, which itself has been changed from a physical to a magic damage-dealing ability to facilitate it. August says that the intention here is to give burst enjoyers some love.

You can check out the Jax midscope update PBE notes below.

League of Legends Jax midscope update patch 13.1: update notes

While Jax players will lament the fact that the Grandmaster at Arms still lacks a weapon befitting his title, a shiny new ult should placate them for now.