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League of Legends fans start campaign against Missing ping redesign

League of Legends' preseason update is teasing a new ping wheel, however, some fans aren't impressed with the new slimline icon design for the Missing ping

League of Legends fans missing ping design change: a purple lady with two ghost dragons

We know League of Legends’ jungle avatars might be bringing some Pokémon Unite style spice to the popular MOBA, but not everyone is happy about every part of the latest LoL update. In fact, quite a few fans are taking to Twitter to complain about the new design of the game’s Missing ping – a feature quite a few of us use, and not always for the right reason. Using the hashtag “NotMyPing”, players are calling on Riot Games to revert the decision to alter the design of the question mark-shaped icon.

Originating from Finnish League of Legends content creator ‘Dumbs’, the “NotMyPing” hashtag is being used by players on the social media platform to criticise the icon’s redesign without any explanation. From what we can tell, though, it seems as though League of Legends fans are unhappy with the brighter, streamlined look of the Missing ping – something, we can imagine, is more indicative of a wider dismay towards the modernisation of iconography in the art world.

Still, what’s interesting about this particular game change is that it doesn’t look like a redesign itself was mentioned explicitly in the League of Legends preseason 2023 changes announced by Riot Games.

Rather, it looks like a set of icon redesigns were hidden somewhat in the announcement that League of Legends would be getting an updated set of Ping Wheels to better improve in-game communications. The fact that it wasn’t made clear that this improvement would also result in a streamlined redesign of the in-game pings is partly why there’s such outrage in the first place, we can imagine.

As you can see for yourself below, the Missing ping itself isn’t actually changing all that much. In fact, the brighter colouring might even make it somewhat easier to spot in-game – which, if you’re using it correctly, could actually be quite useful.

League of Legends fans missing ping design change: an image of the tweet showing two different question marks

However, with fans using the words ugly and goofy to describe its new appearance, we can’t help but wonder if Riot Games will actually address this outcry. One disillusioned fan even went so far as to say that this new icon is “too little for spam”. While we’re not sure about that, it’s clear that – for some people – this isn’t necessarily about how the Missing ping is meant to be used.

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