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League of Legends champion DRX reveals Worlds skins wishlist

After winning League of Legends Worlds 2022 and lifting the Summoner's Cup, DRX players reveal the champions they want to give Worlds winners skins to

DRX LoL Worlds skins: League of Legends player Pyosik lifts the Summoners Cup at LoL Worlds 2022

The League of Legends World Championship came to a thrilling conclusion in San Francisco, with LCK fourth seed DRX completing its fairytale run by lifting the Summoner’s Cup. In addition to being immortalised in League lore, the DRX players get to choose their own Worlds 2022 skins for a champion of their choice, and the players already have a pretty concrete idea on which characters will get the nod.

Speaking to the media in the post-finals press conference, journalist Cecilia Ciocchetti asked the question that is on the minds of many fans – ‘who’s getting a Worlds skin then?’

It certainly seems that the players had put a decent amount of thought into their answer beforehand, with each one quick to state their desired champion.

While things could change before the skins have to be locked in with Riot, here are the players’ current picks for DRX’s LoL Worlds 2022 skins:

  • Hwang ‘Kingen’ Seong-hoon – Aatrox
  • Hong ‘Pyosik’ Chang-hyeon – Kindred
  • Kim ‘Zeka’ Geon-woo – Akali
  • Kim ‘Deft’ Hyuk-kyu – Caitlyn 
  • Cho ‘BeryL’ Geon-hee – Ashe

None of these should come as a surprise to fans, perhaps with the exception of BeryL, whose Heimerdinger is feared by many and would have certainly made for a spicy pick.

The Kindred pick from Pyosik is also a very obvious choice. A former Kindred one-trick back in his streaming days before going pro, Pyosik revealed to Korizon’s Ashley Kang before the final that a viewer once made an “outlandish” joke about this very moment.

“There was this one viewer who would tell me ‘why don’t you go pro and just make your own Kindred skin?’” he says. “I’d be like: ‘dude, stop joking’. I was at Grandmaster, so how could I even dream of going pro?”

Should the DRX players’ picks for Worlds skins remain the same when the final decision is made, this would be the first Worlds skin for all five of the champions they’ve named.