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League of Legends 2023 budget “biggest of all time”, says Riot CEO

Riot Games CEO Nicolo Laurent revealed that the League of Legends 2023 budget is looking healthier than ever as the MOBA game enters its 13th season

League of Legends 2023 budget: Jinx

League of Legends is soon to enter its 13th season, and it looks like developer Riot Games could be about to invest more into the hit MOBA game than ever before. At least, it has the budget for it according to Riot CEO Nicolo Laurent.

In a recent interview with Konbini, Laurent says that League’s 2023 budget is “the biggest of all time”. Of course, having a big budget doesn’t necessarily mean more money will be pumped into the community’s wish list which, from the Reddit post discussing the translated quote, includes a revamped client and a shift to an entirely new game engine.

However, Laurent goes on to state his wish for League to be a “multi-generational” title, where “parents will bring their children to play”. As such, it can be inferred that, at some point, League will have to modernise in order to stand the test of time.

You can check out the translated quote below, courtesy of ‘Big Bad Bear’.

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While Laurent doesn’t reveal – at least in the translated snippet – what League’s big bucks will be spent on next year, fans should at least take solace in knowing that Riot is still putting plenty of money into keeping Summoner’s Rift afloat.