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Kena: Bridge of Spirits trophy guide – every trophy and how to earn it

Our full Kena: Bridge of Spirits trophy guide will take you through how to go platinum

Kena can be seen holding onto a ledge.

If you are playing through Kena: Bridge of Spirits on PlayStation, then chances are you are looking out for every little collectble so you can add a shiny new platinum trophy to your collection. With 42 Kena: Bridge of Spirits trophies to collect, you’ll need to play through the game a couple of times to secure them all.

Although you will have to beat the game on the hardest difficulty, Kena: Bridge of Spirits’ platinum trophy is easily achievable. You will need to spend time working through every corner of the land to uncover every secret, while also taking on some of the combat challenges.

So if you’re desperate to add another shiny trophy to your collection, read on for our full Kena: Bridge of Spirits trophy guide that will help you earn that coveted Platinum cup on both PS4 and PS5.

Kena: Bridge of Spirits Trophy Guide

Here are all the trophies in Kena: Bridge of Spirits:

  • All Trophies Obtained – Obtained all Kena: Bridge of Spirits trophies: This trophy is unlocked once you have obtained every other one on this list.
  • Hunter In The Forest – Learned the Bow Ability: Unmissable. This ability is found early in the game.
  • Harness Your Power – Learned the Bomb Ability: Unmissable. This ability is found within the main story.
  • Crossing Over – Learned the Dash Ability: Unmissable. Unlocked through the story.
  • Found a Friend – Hero Rot joined your team: Unmissable. Unlocked during the intro of the game.
  • Haikyo – Discovered the Village: Unmissable. You will visit this area early on in the game.
  • Into the Woods – Discovered the Forest: Unmissable. Unlocked this is is found as a part of the main quest.
  • The Open Range – Discovered the Farm: Unmissable. You will visit the Farm in the main story.
  • The Lonely Path – Reached the Mountain Shrine: Unmissable. This area is visited as a part of the main story.
  • Taro’s Fear – Found Taro’s Knife Relic: Unmissable. Unlocked by completing a mission in the main story.
  • Taro’s Regret – Found Taro’s Lantern Relic: Unmissable. Unlocked through the main quest.
  • Taro’s Love – Found Taro’s Food Offering Relic: Unmissable. This trophy will unlock during the main quest of the game.
  • Adira’s Love – Found Adira’s Ox Relic: Unmissable. This trophy is tied to the main story.
  • Adira’s Fear – Found Adira’s Hammer Relic: Unmissable. This trophy is tied to the main story within the game.
  • Adira’s Regret – Found Adira’s Village Heart Relic: Unmissable. This trophy is unlocked through the main story quest.
  • Toshi’s Love – Found Toshi’s Village Crest Relic: Unmissable. This trophy is a part of the main story.
  • Toshi’s Fear – Found Toshi’s Incense Relic: Unmissable. This trophy will unlock during the main story quest.
  • Toshi’s Regret – Found Toshi’s Harpoon Relic: Unmissable. Unlocked through the main story quest.
  • Spirit Guide – Defeated Corrupted Taro: Unmissable. Corrupted Taro is a major boss in the game.
  • A Heavy Hammer – Defeated the Corrupted Woodsmith: Unmissable. The Corrupted Woodsmith can be found in the game’s main story quest.
  • A Leader Walks Alone – Defeated Corrupted Toshi: Unmissable. Corrupted Toshi is a boss fight found in the story.
  • Restore balance – Defeated the Corrupted Rot God: Unmissable. The Corrupted Rot God is a major boss fight in the game.
  • Piercing Blow – Hit 3 enemies with a single Rot Infused Arrow: Once you unlock the Rot Infused Arrow ability for Kena, aim at three enemies and have the arrow pass through them.
  • Weigh Them Down – Destroyed a Moth enemy with a Bomb: After you unlock the Bomb ability, use it to kill a Moth enemy while they are flying low to the ground.
  • Quick Draw – Hit 3 critical hit spots in 3 seconds: A few enemy types will have yellow crystals on them. If you strike them with your staff or bow you will deal critical damage to the enemy. Hit three of these spots on an enemy quickly to unlock this trophy.
  • Sharpshooter – Defeated an enemy by shooting a Bomb out of the air: Use the bomb ability and shoot the bomb you throw while it is travelling in the air. If the explosion kills an enemy you will unlock this trophy.
  • Between The Eyes – Destroyed a Shied Sticks without breaking his shield: The Shield Sticks enemy is the small combatant with a shield you meet early on. To obtain this feat, you will need to hit it with an arrow through the gap in the shield or roll behind it and melee strike it.
  • Return To Sender – Destroyed a Mage with its own bomb: Mages are enemies that appear later in the game and they will send out homing bombs. Blow it up just as the Mage sends it out and if you catch the Mage in the blast, you will unlock the trophy.
  • Triple Threat – Destroyed 3 enemies with a single parry: If you hit L1 just before an enemy strikes, you will perform a parry. Unlock Kena’s Parry Counter from the upgrade tree and use this to kill three enemies at once.
  • Rot Commander – Use 5 Rot actions in a single combat: This can be done in any combat sequence, all you need to do is direct the Rot to either find healing flowers for Kena, attack enemies, or imbue Kena’s weapons. If you complete five before the encounter ends, you will unlock the trophy.
  • Triple Tap – Destroyed 3 enemies with a single dash attack: Once you unlock the dash ability, you can dash into enemies to deal some damage. Kill three enemies on low health with one dash and you will obtain this trophy.
  • No Stone Unturned – Found all of the Rot: This trophy is unlocked once you have found all of the Rot in the game. We will have a guide up for all the Rot locations shortly.
  • Hat Collector – Collected all Rot Hats: This trophy is unlocked once you have found every Rot Hat. We will have a guide up with all the Rot Hat locations soon.
  • Curse Collector – Opened all Cursed Chests: This trophy is unlocked once you have opened all the cursed chests. We will have a guide up showcasing all the Cursed Chest locations soon.
  • Skilful Spirit Guide – Unlocked all ability upgrades: This trophy is unlocked once you have purchased every ability upgrade for Kena and the Rot from the menu.
  • Good As New – Restored a Flower Shrine: In order to obtain this trophy, you will need to restore your first Flower Shrine. This can be done as soon as you are able to interact with Forest Tears. Control the Rot and have them slam into the shrine in the area.
  • Restoration Master – Restored all of the Flower Shrines: In order to obtain this trophy, you will need to restore every Flower Shrine in the game. We will have a guide on all the Flower Shrine locations soon.
  • Zen Master – Meditated at all Meditation Spots: Meditation Spots can be found throughout the game. We will have a guide showcasing all the locations soon.
  • The Last Stop – Delivered all Spirit Mail: Spirit Mail can be found throughout Kena: Bridge of Spirits. We will have a location guide for all of the Spirit Mail locations soon.
  • Say Cheese – Captured a photo in Photo Mode: All you need to do to unlock this trophy is open up Photo Mode from the menu and take one picture.
  • Master Spirit Guide – Beat the game on Master Difficulty: Master difficulty can be unlocked after you beat the game for the first time. It is the hardest difficulty in the game. Once you have rolled credits while playing on this difficulty the trophy will unlock.

There you have it, our full Kena: Bridge of Spirits trophy PSN guide. Be sure to take a look through our Kena: Bridge of Spirits walkthrough for more guides on Ember Lab’s adventure.