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Kena: Bridge of Spirits combat tips - how to beat Kena’s toughest enemies

A selection of important Kena: Bridge of Spirits combat tips to help with the game's challenging fights.

Kena is standing with her staff in her hand, looking at a number of large tree-like creatures, ready to fight.

Kena: Bridge of Spirits’ most challenging aspect is by far the combat. What might seem like a comfortable and easy game while exploring quickly changes to a tough adventure as soon as you face some of the game’s many branchy monstrosities.

However, combat doesn’t have to be a frustrating affair in this surprise hit PS5 exclusive. There are a number of key tactics and tips that can help you out when fighting as Kena. The game doesn’t exactly tell you some of these tips, so we have pulled together a few notable decisions you should make early on to ensure your gameplay experience is as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

Read on to find our combat tips for Kena: Bridge of Spirits, one of the best PS5 games, which touches on how to approach combat and some key abilities you should buy as soon as you can.

Kena: Bridge of Spirits combat tips

Remember to dodge

The key to surviving in Kena: Bridge of Spirits is to dodge frequently. Enemies deal a fair bit of damage in the game and if you get cornered by a few creatures you will find yourself dying frequently.

The dodge ability will allow you to jump into an enemy’s range, throw out a few hits with Kena’s staff and quickly get back out again to readjust yourself and plan out the next enemy you want to focus on.

Purchase the Rot Hammer upgrade

The Rot Hammer upgrade is vital to ensuring you are able to control the field in front of you. Save up your Karma early on in the game and purchase it as soon as you get the chance.

This upgrade allows you to turn your heavy attack into an AoE slam, which is far more powerful and able to reach further.

Kena Bridge of Spirits combat tips: Three rot can be seen looking at something in a forest.

Use the Rot

It can be easy to focus on Kena when in combat but don’t forget your Rot buddies are useful tools that can help you out as well.

You can use them to unlock healing flowers for Kena, which can replenish your health, and they can also be directed at enemies to blind them, halting them in their place for a few seconds. This allows you to rush in and get a few key hits on them before they recover.

Upgrade the Rot

While we are on the topic of your little friends the Rot, be sure to upgrade them as well in your upgrade menu. There are a number of upgrades for them, but initially, you should increase their charges with the Enter The Fray upgrade, which allows you to use them more often.

Find collectables

Whilst you might not think collectable hunting is important for combat, it actually is in Kena: Bridge of Spirits! Finding Rot will level you up and increase your power when utilising them in combat. Flower Shrines will grant you Karma, which you can use to buy upgrades.

Meditation Spots are one of the most important collectables as interacting with them will permanently increase your health. Finally, Spirit Mail will unlock new areas, which in turn can grant you additional Karma and Gems which can be spent on upgrades and cosmetic Rot Hats.

Finding collectables and exploring is one of the more important decisions you can take early on to ensure you are set up for the mid and late-game combat sequences.

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