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Just Dance 2023 is the start of a new live service direction

Just Dance 2023 Edition finally adds proper online multiplayer and pivots to a more substantial live service model in what is a big upgrade for the series

Just Dance 2023 online multiplayer: Three colourful cartoon dancers strike various poses

Ubisoft has revealed details about Just Dance 2023 Edition, which kickstarts a new live service direction for the long-running series that’s more committed to dishing out content over time. In addition to this pivot to a proper live service model, Just Dance 2023 Edition will finally add the long-requested feature of party-based online multiplayer that allows you to play with your friends.

While there will be an extensive track list when the game launches in November, the game will be supported well into the future with content, although it isn’t yet clear if this will be free to those that buy the game or require a subscription to Just Dance Unlimited. Among the initial launch line-up of songs, there are bangers from League of Legends band K/DA, Bruno Mars, Justin Timberlake, and many more. Check out our Just Dance 2023 song list to see the confirmed collection so far.

These future updates include not only new tracks to dance to but new game modes as well. With the game being titled Just Dance 2023 Edition, there is a possibility that larger, paid content expansions could drop on a yearly basis, but this is yet to be confirmed by Ubisoft.

For the first time, you can also enjoy those game modes with other players around the world, and on any platform too. Just Dance 2023 Edition will launch with online multiplayer for up to six players – something fans have been asking for for some time – and will have full cross-play between Xbox Series X|S, PS5, and Nintendo Switch. Previously the series has had multiplayer in the form of the World Dance Floor, but that had everyone in the world grouped up into a huge online lobby and dancing separately. In Just Dance 2023 you can show off your moves while competing or dancing with your friends.

The game is also set to launch on Stadia, but this will come some time after the initial Just Dance 2023 release date.

You’ll notice from that list of platforms that Just Dance 2023 Edition is not going to be launching on last-gen consoles.

All of this adds up to a massive shift for the series, but that’s not all. Just Dance 2023 comes with a new art direction, a new and improved UI (that offers a dark mode which fans have wanted for years), and a refreshed recommendation system that will offer up tracks and playlists it thinks you will enjoy.

After years of minimal upgrades to each iteration, this latest entry into the series is a major step forwards for Just Dance that brings it well up to date with the kind of features and content model you’d expect from most big titles in this day and age.