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Horizon Forbidden West’s PS5 size is as terrifying as its machines

PS5 players can start to preload Horizon Forbidden West, but the download size is nothing to be scoffed at - it's very big

Horizon Forbidden West PS5 Size: A huge Elephant machine walking behind a row of raiders

Guerrilla Games’ ambitious sequel to Horizon Zero Dawn is almost here and fans can’t wait to dive into the next chapter of Aloy’s exciting adventure across a post-apocalyptic America. However, there’s one thing that’s scaring players more than Thunderjaws and Stormbirds – the size of Horizon Forbidden West on PS5. This game is going to be massive in every sense of the word.

Twitter user PlayStationSize, a reliable source of information on download sizes, reveals that the US region version of Horizon Forbidden West is going to be roughly 87.6 GB. If that isn’t bad enough, the EU region version is going to be even bigger – it’s going to take up a whopping 98 GB of space. This is far from the biggest game on the platform, but it’s a lot larger than Guerrilla’s first Horizon series game, a download of only 48.2 GB.

Preloading is starting for Horizon Forbidden West, but players looking to dive into Aloy’s next adventure on day one will need to clear a lot of storage space for it. The PS4 version of Horizon Forbidden West is reportedly around 10 GB smaller than the PS5 version, but that still puts it at around 90 GB for the EU region version.

If you thought 98 GB was bad, there’s still more to come. PlayStationSize has suggested that a day one patch for Horizon Forbidden West is coming and it might be around 2 GB.

At the moment, there’s no information available to suggest the EU region version of Horizon Forbidden West is going to have additional content, but it’s hard not to wonder why this version is going to be so much larger than its US counterpart. We know the Horizon Forbidden West machines are big, but this is a surprise.