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Horizon Call of the Mountain cairns locations

When you’re back and forth the side of a mountain, it’s important to build some waymarkers for you, so here’s the Horizon Call of the Mountain cairns locations.

Horizon Call of The Mountain Cairns: A character can be seen

It’s easy to get lost when you’re constantly climbing up and down a mountain in search of answers and that’s why you will need to get all of the Horizon Call of the Mountain cairns locations. These cairns serve as pointers for yourself and fellow mountaineers as they are climbing in the game.

While you don’t need to build a cairn to progress with the story, balancing rocks on top of each other is a must for completionists, especially since it feeds into the full Horizon Call of the Mountain trophy list. All of the locations below were found during our Horizon Call of the Mountain review.

Horizon Call of the Mountain cairns

There are seven Horizon Call of the Mountain cairns locations:

  • Upper Slopes of Brightdawn (through a small opening in the rocks on your right)
  • The Sunspear (on the right of the cave as you enter following a Ropecaster climb)
  • Mother’s Tears (after Tears of the Nora, turn left before the Ropecaster swing)
  • Elder’s Calling I (after the cave, climb the ice wall)
  • Elder’s Calling II (at the summit, go down the zipline and then take the other)
  • Devil’s Anger Ascent (after the legendary climb, go right from the campfire)
  • Days End (at the Tallneck Crash Site behind the checkpoint, use the grapple to reach this area)

The cairns are usually located next to a checkpoint fireplace. They can be easy to miss the first time around, but once you spot a giant rock or a table with a few pebbles scattered across them, you know you’re in the right place.

To build the cairns, you’ll need to spend a bit of time getting to know the rocks in front of you. Learn which sides are flat, which are slanted, and how they will all work together. Remember, the aim here is to build a stack of rocks. You don’t need to build them particularly tall – unless you want a challenge, of course – so you can get away with stacking them the easiest way possible.

Once you’ve stacked all the rocks, let go, and hope that they stay upright. The game will give the rocks a few seconds to settle and if they stay in place, you’ll see the cairn completed message. Do all seven and you’ll earn yourself a nice little trophy for your hard work.


That’s everything you need to know about the Call of the Mountain cairns and their locations. To find out more about the game, including Horizon Call of the Mountain how to healHorizon Call of the Mountain arrows guide, and why it’s one of our best PSVR2 games of all time, as well as other guides in our Horizon Call of the Mountain walkthrough article.