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Horizon Call of the Mountain arrows types, how to craft arrows

The new Horizon PSVR2 game is just about fighting as much as it is about climbing, so understanding what each of the Call of the Mountain arrows do is vital.

Horizon Call Of The Mountain Arrows: A person holding a bow can be seen

What are the Horizon Call of the Mountain arrows? In the flagship PSVR2 game, your bow is pretty much an extension of your arm, and you’ll need to rely on it in order to survive the threats that lurk above. While using any old arrow will do damage to the enemies and machines around you, picking the right one will give you the advantage in battle and allow you to hit those weak points more effectively.

But what is at your disposal as you are making the climb up the large mountain through the Horizon Call of the Mountain length? Find out an overview of them all below.

Horizon Call of the Mountain arrows types

There are five types of Horizon Call of the Mountain arrows:

  • Basic arrow
  • Fire arrow
  • Shock arrow
  • Precision arrow
  • Tear arrow

Each of these arrows will do damage, regardless of who you fire at them, but some are better than others against specific machines. You’ll fire basic arrows by default since you have an unlimited number of them, which means you’ll need to select one of the other four mid-fight if you’re looking to target a specific weak spot.

Basic arrows are exactly that – they only do basic damage. Fire arrows have a burn effect that originally starts a small area of effect on impact. Over time, though, there is a chance that the machine will be engulfed in flames and prevented from attacking for a short period of time.

Shock arrows are electrified and also have the ability to stun an enemy, paralysing them for a short period of time.

Precision arrows are fast and deadly arrows that deal large amounts of damage to enemies. They’re great for hitting exposed weak spots and can be combined well with fire, shock, or tear arrows. Tear arrows emit sonic blasts on impact and inflict large amounts of damage to the impact area. These arrows are really useful against larger enemies, especially in boss fights.

Horizon Call Of The Mountain Arrows: A thunderjaw can be seen

How to craft Horizon Call of the Mountain arrows

Crafting arrows in Call of the Mountain is really simple – you just need the right equipment. Once you’ve picked up the relevant shells on your journey (and you’ve unlocked the arrow as you progress through the story), all you need to do is tilt your bow to the side.

Here, a selection menu will come up, allowing you to either pick an arrow for battle or craft them. To craft arrows, select the type you want and then hit X.

You’ll enter into a crafting phase, which requires you to drop various parts, like the fletching, the shell, and the point into place. Once that’s done, you’ll have crafted the maximum amount of arrows chosen.

And that’s everything we have so far on Call of the Mountain arrows. It’s an impressive game and one we tested extensively in our PSVR2 review. If you’re enjoying it, make sure to check out our list of the best PSVR2 games too – there’s plenty more for you to sink your teeth into, in addition to the tips in our Horizon Call Of The Mountain walkthrough.