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Is Honkai Star Rail a sequel to Honkai Impact?

The likes of Welt Yang and Himeko may be in both Honkai Impact and Honkai Star Rail, but fans have been left wondering if the latter is a sequel to the former.

Is Honkai Star Rail a sequel to Honkai Impact: Welt Yang

Is Honkai Star Rail a sequel to Honkai Impact? After seeing a number of Honkai Impact 3rd characters appear in Honkai Star Rail – the Honkai series’ latest instalment – many fans have been left wondering if HoYoverse’s space fantasy RPG is a direct sequel to its predecessor.

With the likes of Himeko and Welt Yang already confirmed to be making appearances in Honkai Star Rail, it’s unsurprising that players would think there’s a direct link between the two games. But do these Honkai Star Rail characters confirm that this is a direct sequel, a spin-off, or a simple reusing of well-known characters in a brand new setting?

Is Honkai Star Rail a sequel to Honkai Impact?

While it takes place several years after Honkai Impact, Honkai Star Rail isn’t a direct sequel to Honkai Impact. Honkai Star Rail features a brand new story that exists within the Honkai universe – albeit a parallel one to that which Honkai Impact takes part in – and so it can be considered a spin-off.

Chronologically speaking, Honkai Star Rail takes place sometime after Honkai Impact’s ‘A Post-Honkai Odyssey’ Expansion Story, itself set eight years after Honkai Impact’s main story quest.

At some point following the events of APHO, Welt Yang finds himself on the other side of a “space portal”, according to his official character page. Whether this is the Stargate which appeared at the end of APHO, or another gate altogether remains to be seen.

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But why does Welt Yang travel to Star Rail’s universe in the first place? Well, judging from the Alien Space webtoon, which seems to be the closest thing to a Star Rail prequel, Welt Yang discovers that the Sky People – the antagonists of APHO – wish to invade a universe containing an alternate version of one of his former students. This is most likely to be Himeko considering her own Star Rail appearance, but that has yet to be confirmed. Knowing this, Welt Yang resolves to help them, thus providing a motive for his journey.

And that’s everything you need to know about Honkai Star Rail’s narrative relationship with Honkai Impact. Be sure to check out the Honkai Star Rail 1.1 banners if you’re looking to strengthen your team -you’ll probably need some extra Star Rail Passes, so be sure to redeem those Honkai Star Rail codes when they become available. Have fun, Trailblazer.